Talks By Randy Peyser

Randy is a dynamic presenter who speaks for businesses, associations, and New Thought churches. In the course of her talks, she incorporates some of her "Comic Intervention" from her former one-woman show, so expect to be entertained as you and your organization learn new ways of overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.




Many people want to drive traffic to their website, but only go so far as to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert to get their site listed in the search engines. While being in the search engines is important, there are other easy ways to get ongoing traffic to your website, many of which are free or inexpensive.

One of the easiest methods to drive traffic to your site is to write an article, then submit it to your target market online.

Randy Peyser, will explain:

  1. Where to submit your article online to reach your target market
  2. How to get onto the Google and Yahoo Newswires
  3. The quickest way to put together a great article
  4. Tricks to attract greater attention through your title
  5. The placement of your keywords
  6. What to include so your article comes up in the search engines

Randy Peyser offers marketing packages for entrepreneurs to grab media attention and drive more traffic to their websites. Call (831) 726-3153, or email

Don't Just Think Outside the Box - Flatten It!


Weren't boxes a great play toy when you were young? Remember when a washing machine box could keep you entertained for hours? Instantly, the box became a house for a tea party, or offered the security of a fort that protected you from an assortment of enemies.

As an adult, however, boxes don't offer us protection as much as keep us from achieving our goals. Do any of these boxes sound familiar? "I don't have the money,"..."I'm not good enough, smart enough, skilled enough,"..."I'll never make my quota"..."I'm afraid"..."Other people can have relationships but I can't"..."There's only one way to achieve my goal"..."I'm stuck"..."It's my mother's fault, my father's fault, my partner's fault"..."It's the economy's fault"..."No matter what I do, I always get the same results"..."I want X, but...[insert your obstacles here]!"

Truthfully, there is only one excuse for all of our boxes, and that excuse is: THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK! If you WANT something, YOU have the power to make it happen. Whether it's building your business, finding a relationship, or creating your dreams, Randy will show you, and the members of your organization, how to work with that obstacle that keeps holding you back from having whatever it is you desire so that you can move forward and achieve your goals.

This dynamic presentation moves individuals beyond obstacles and limited ways of thinking to grab that brass ring!


"You had me totally intrigued, and I walked away completely inspired!" Carol Olson, President/CEO, Women In Business Program, Chamber of Commerce, Mountain View, CA

"Yours is one of the best presentations I've ever attended!" - Cherie Marinelli, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) participant

"Randy, you were absolutely wonderful. I would love for you to participate in my programs again, and will definitely keep you in mind for next year's event." Kim McMillon, Chairman, Literary Arts Expo, Art and Soul Oakland Festival

How to Be a Miracle Thinker

Based on her upcoming book, Miracle Thinking, this talk empowers audiences to cultivate the kind of mindset that leads to the creation of miracles in one's life.

Miracle Thinking is for people who want to produce results, which can be anything from an increase in money or clients, to finding one's soul mate, to healing a physical ailment, to overcoming an obstacle, to achieving greater joy and ease within, to creating one's dream. It doesn't matter what the desired result is, the process is still the same.

In this talk, participants will learn how to:

  1. Make choices and take actions that continually lead to the cultivation of a miracle thinking mindset.
  2. Censor the censor within.
  3. Step into and live in truth.
  4. Choose to never withhold anything from anyone for any length of time.
  5. Take action that supports growth.
  6. Let go of the victim stance.
  7. Step away from that which is not for one's Highest Good.
  8. Say 'yes' to life more often than saying 'no.'
  9. Move with the flow

This is a very powerful talk that leaves people feeling inspired with tools and ideas for developing a Miracle Thinking mindset.

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