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Below is some basic information about my services to help people get their books published. For more info. please visit: Author One Stop.


Randy coaches authors through every stage of the book writing and publishing process. You are welcome to contact Randy to arrange for a consultation.


Does your book need the touch of an expert editor? Randy edits books in every genre: from non-fiction to fiction, self-help, business, spirituality, fantasy, horror, to... you name it. A recent book to receive her editing touch is called, Guerrilla Wealth. This book is now on its way to becoming a national bestseller, and is part of the international best selling series of Guerrilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson. To discuss your book editing needs, please contact Randy.

"Working with Randy Peyser is like hitting a home run every time. She is a fabulous book coach and editor. This amazing woman always delivers on time and is completely professional. More importantly, she is a pleasure to work with and her sense of humor is like a breath of fresh air. Randy is the living embodiment of the power of chutzpah. She is truly one of the greats." - Linda Hollander, www.wealthybaglady.com

"Cecilia was right. You do rock." : ) - Chuck Rogers, author of "Heroes Road" regarding the editing of his synopsis

"I love it! How do you do that? Man, I am going to run everything past you from now on. You say it so well. Thank you so much!" - Karen Gedig Burnett, Author of Children's Books, regarding the creation of text for a back cover


When writing a book that you intend to sell to a publisher, there are two critical things to consider before you write a single word: First, what kind of book do you want to write? Secondly, what kind of book does a publisher want to buy? The answer to these questions may or may not be the same. Randy can help you determine the best angle to take with your book so that you can write the book you want, as well as meet the demands of the market.

"Randy had many ideas for the direction of my book, and valuable information to share about the current trends in publishing. I got some fantastic ideas about how to structure and direct my writing to be more profitable, and she gave me some great networking resources as well. Also, it was really fun talking to her! Randy Peyser is a blessing in spirit and substance." - Marilyn Steele, Ph.D., Jungian Psychologist


Looking for a literary agent or publisher? Whether you've never been published, or are self-published and want your book to be picked up by a traditional publisher, Randy can help you make the vital connections you need to move your project forward.

Randy represents authors every year at BOOK EXPO AMERICA, (BEA) which is the largest trade show for the entire publishing industry in the United States. Randy has ALWAYS found agents and/or publishers at the BEA who are willing to consider her clients' work.

Please visit my Author's Website: Author One Stop for more information about the programs to help people find agents and publishers!

Please contact Randy at your earliest convenience, as spaces fill up quickly. Also visit www.bookexpoamerica.com to learn more about this event.

Randy has found interested agents and/or publishers for all of her clients at the BEA every year!


"I hired Randy to represent me at the BEA book fair in NY in the hope of finding one interested publisher for my self-published book. Not only did she find one interested publisher, she found a dozen! I am now the proud author of a book that will be undertaken by a highly acclaimed publisher who has offered me a contract, publicity and an advance on royalties. You can count on Randy to get the job done and do it extremely well!" - Elinor Stutz

"WOW. The connections you made for me are so incredible! You're the best, Randy, really! I don't know what to say... what an incredible blessing!!! Words cannot describe my feelings, or my gratitude to you! I have, of course, shared your incredible news with my wife, and we are both so excited. Thanks again, so much, for your friendship and abilities!!!" - David Ben, Author of Millennium Dragon

"I hired Randy to represent an idea I had for a business book last year. I also went to the BEA with her. She found eight publishers and four literary agents who were willing to consider my book once I wrote it. When I saw her in action and learned more about her, I was so inspired by how she represented me that I featured her in another one of my new books, called, "Visionary Women Inspiring the World." - Kelly O'Neil, Marketing and Business Strategist, UpLevel Strategies

"I wrote a book on a very niched topic for a non-mainstream audience. Randy found two publishers for me, one of whom was chomping at the bit to get my manuscript in their hands." - Steaphen Fick, The Ficktbucht: A Beginners Guide to Swordfighting

"Randy gives 1000 percent and she's great!" Randy found five publishers at the BEA who expressed interest in my book. I didn't follow through with them though, because I had some major rewriting to do before my book was complete. I hired Randy to edit my book and represent me the following year. Three months later, one of the publishers she found contacted me. They told me that they receive 2000 submissions a year and only choose 7-9 books to publish. Mine is one they are considering! - Patty Williams, Author of Sound of My Soul, spiritual fiction.


If your book is published, Randy and her staff would be happy to hand out your media kit and post cards at the BEA to media people, and bookstore owners and librarians from across the country. There is also a pressroom where a large stack of media kits can be left for interested members of the press to pick up. The press room is only open to those who have a media pass; Randy has one. (One client wound up being the subject of a Canadian PBS special as a result of a connection made by her at the BEA). Contact Randy.

Also see Randy's Article Placement Report for widespread coverage of your book-related articles and press releases.


There are pros and cons to self-publishing or securing a traditional publisher. Randy offers spot-on advice to help determine which route will most likely bring you your desired result. She will then point you in the right direction, no matter which way you choose to go.

There are trends within the publishing industry, and within various years, those trends change. If you want to know the hot topics that publishers are specifically looking for right now, arrange for a consultation with Randy. If you're going to write a book, why not put a spin on your topic to make it fit what publishers want to buy?

To arrange for a consultation, contact Randy.


Randy offers coaching and consultations to help you get the book inside of you out. To arrange for a consultation, contact Randy.


Writing a book is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. If you are seriously interested in writing a book and have the time, self-discipline, and passion to do so, why not go for it? However, if you question your writing abilities, or would prefer to have a professional write your book, please talk to Randy to discuss your needs. Contact Randy.



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