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Entrepreneurs and Authors - If you are launching or expanding a business, product, book, service or project, Randy can help you grab media attention and drive traffic to your website through the power of the written word. Randy writes the kind of stimulating, attention-getting text that will propel your business, book, or service forward.


Randy can write a stellar article for you on any subject! Her huge portfolio of articles for entrepreneurs and authors contains articles about: alternative health, spirituality, finances, home design, patient flow in emergency rooms, vegetarian celebrities, relationship advice, percussive rhythm techniques, Aikido in the boardroom, various healing techniques, and much more. A large sample of Randy's articles appears in her Directory of Articles.

Randy can write about anything. Truly, it doesn't matter what the subject is. What does matter is that your subject is represented in a way that the article moves your target audience to contact you!

Here's the secret...to engage a reader, an article must have "a hook," which is that special something that makes the reader want to keep on reading beyond the first paragraph. Randy is a master of the hook! See the testimonials below...

A feature article usually takes 8 to 10 hours to complete. The process involves an interview by speaker phone, followed by a transcription of our taped conversation. The article is then created, and when it is done, it is emailed to you for your review and feedback. If any changes are requested, they are made, and the final is then submitted to you via email.

Articles can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  For example, if you want to use an article to reach different target markets, or if you need articles of varying lengths, an original article can be edited and easily tweaked to accommodate those needs.

Randy writes text only. Superlative graphic services are available to enhance your article. If desired, she will refer you to a designer whose skills surpass most.

Randy can also polish an article you are attempting to write.


Randy's awesome Online Press Release and Article Placement Report lists hundreds of live links where you can place articles online and in print magazines, and gain media exposure. This report is targeted for Business, Women, and Mind/Body/Spirit. For more information about the Online Press Release and Article Submission Report, click here...

Your feature article can also be:

  • Handed out to potential clients.
  • Sent to the media.
  • Included in your professional portfolio or media kit.
  • Mailed to everyone in your database or e-mail directory.
  • Featured on your web site.
  • Used to attract speaking engagements, investors or corporate interest.


Randy can create the text you need to get your message across with brilliance. Her hundreds of clients in these categories have included Realtors and mortgage brokers, coaches and consultants, authors galore, health practitioners, therapists with CDs, software developers, business women, candy makers, direct mail companies, and much more.



Feature Articles, Publicity Writing and Book Editing

"Randy did a wonderful job, and we are pleased that more people will see the article she did for Awareness Magazine about our book." - Esther and Jerry Hicks, Authors of Ask and It Is Given.

"I bought a copy of the April issue of Alternative Medicine magazine on Friday and was just floored. It is just wonderful. You are an incredible writer and reporter. You sifted through our phone conversation and pulled out what mattered the most to me and delivered with accuracy and integrity. It is a wonderful article. You are the only writer who has ever captured the essence of what I am trying to do..... and just really just nailed it. Dad like the article so much that he bought 15 or 20 copies and has mailed them out to friends and family.

Your article is getting rave reviews from everyone who has called asking about the video. They just go on and on about how great it is. I had a Doctor from San Diego tell me yesterday that, "I about fell out of my chair when I read it" and another lady told me that, " I could not stop reading it once I started it." I have been getting 2-3 inquiries a day from the article and everyone just loves your article. Its nice to have doctors calling me for a change!!!......and actually listening to me.

Your piece is helping to crack open the closed minds of the entrenched western medical professionals. It is hard to describe how powerful the Pacific Light video can be when it is played for the right person and at the right time. I had a hospice in Arkansas call me today and order additional copies because its helping their terminally ill patients so much that the patients families refuse to give it back.

Thank you so much for applying your story telling genius to my story. It is a beautiful, accurate and very inspiring piece. Best Regards. Peace," - Thomas Oates Sacred Earth Film Productions

"I loved your synopsis! I thought it was great, and I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication, Randy. You captured the series really well, yet, without divulging too many of the secrets. Nicely done." - David Ben, Author, fantasy novel

"Since the article Randy wrote about me appeared in the East Bay Monthly, my Bowen Therapy bodywork practice has multiplied. I have received many calls and 15 new clients. I highly recommend Randy as a highly effective and compelling writer/journalist, author and marketer. I really enjoy her energetic flair and love her new book, "Crappy to Happy." It's an entertaining and empowering read." - Michael Harrison CMT, Advanced Bowen Therapist Director of Educational Health Systems

“Randy, I loved the article you wrote about me.” - Barbara Sher, Author, I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was

“Randy, thank you for a good interview and for your support.” - John Bradshaw, Author, Family Secrets

"I'm so impressed with this article! I just can't believe the way you pulled all of my information together!! SUPER JOB! I'm SO impressed that you put the material together for the web site in 1 hour!!! - Margot Chevallier, www.theonematch.com

YOU certainly captured the essence of this work so well with your feature article about my work! Thanks so much for your expertise! Thanks so much!" - Sharon Wikoff, Child Specialist

“Blessings and love to you, Randy. Thank you for the wonderful work of art you did for me!  I am grateful.”- Elissa Giles, Intuitive Healer and Teacher

“As a result of the wonderful article you wrote, I immediately received twenty phone calls, catapulting my work into a busy schedule of clients.  I am extremely pleased with my article and the results it’s continuing to bring me.” - Stache Margaret Murray, Bay Area Psychic
"I am very happy with your work on the article! It's a pleasure to be able to write freely, knowing you can help me to put it all together and clarify what I have to say into a finished article. Thank you for doing a beautiful job!" —Karen Pearle

"Looks great! How did you get all that info in 2 paragraphs? Thanks. We love it." - Rob Witty

"You really are GOOD. I like my Bio immensely. I am really pleased with your style. You make me want to go take writing classes. Thanks!" - Leon Ainer, Attorney, Ainer | Fraker, L.L.P.

"Randy...GREAT JOB!!!! You are the best....this is a brilliant piece, and I suspect that we can use it in many ways." - Barb Hoffer, Teleosis Institute

"Wow! You have captured my style and intention, in addition to the value I offer my clients and what I deliver. Thanks so much for working with me." - Karen Mathews, Innovative Training Solutions

"You do great work! Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my bio." - Rob Malech, Million Dollar Real Estate

"Your work is awesome. I'm thrilled. The first week I sent out my new speaker's bio, I got three new gigs!" - Laurelle Johnson, Innerwealth Communications

If you are ready to ramp up your promotional efforts, contact Randy and get that feature article written!




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