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Helping You Reach Your Target Market!

Randy has created a powerful marketing tool to help you reach your target market. Her Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory lists hundreds of links for article placement and media exposure targeted for the following markets: Business, Women, and Mind/Body/Spirit.

If you serve any of these markets and are looking to get in front of lots of eyeballs, you would benefit from this report. Just one of my listings alone boasts a subscriber base of 600,000 members!

My resources include: web sites that take articles; print magazines; and article banks, where people who have ezines can take your article and send it out in their e-newsletters to their subscriber base. They print your contact info at the end of the article so people can find you.

Want to get on Oprah? The View? Other big shows? There are 70+ television and radio leads included in the APR.

The price for this report is $300, which can be paid by PayPal, credit card or check. To order, please go to Author One Stop, Randy's other website, where you can access the shopping cart.

We also have a Mind, Body, Spirit Speaker's Resource Guide that contains contact information for all kinds of venues around the country that book speakers who speak on Mind, Body, Spirit topics. This Guide also sells for $300.

*** Purchase the Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory and the Mind/Body/Spirit Resource Guide together at the special price of $500, and save $100! ***

Note: If you would prefer to have my staff assist you in placing your article, we can accommodate you for an additional fee. Currently, we are getting up to 156,000 impressions PER press release or article using the Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory and a paid electronic distribution service. We offer a package that includes a podcast, your release or article on the Google, Yahoo and other media newswires, and much more. Click for details!


"This report is amazing. You have a great resource here!"- Candice Masters,

"I did a Google search and a Yahoo search using my name. The article you posted for me shows up page after page after page! How exciting!" - Kathy Szpakowski,

"I liked the Internet Marekting and Publicity Directory so much that I bought a second copy as a "thank you" gift for a woman who has helped me. It has much more use than a bouquet of flowers!" - Erica Olsen, V.P. of Marketing, MyStrategicPlan.

Randy can also help you promote your business or book by writing a feature article about you and your work. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of both a Bay Area magazine and a national magazine. In addition, she has written feature articles for many national and regional magazines throughout the U.S., as well as for magazines in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Please contact Randy if you are interested in purchasing the Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory or the Mind, Body, Spirit Speaker's Resource Guide or if you would like to discuss having a feature article written for you and your work.


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