Esther and Jerry Hicks


An Interview with Esther Hicks and Abraham

by Randy Peyser

Holding a book in hand, inspirational author, Wayne Dyer, stood in front of 3000 people in a San Francisco auditorium and said, "This is the one book I wish I had written. He was referring to "Ask And It is Given," by Esther Hicks. Published by Hay House, this book, which has sold over 100,000 copies in less than four months, provides spot-on advice for attracting whatever it is that we desire to be, do or have into our lives.

In this interview on creating prosperity, I spoke primarily with Abraham, a non-physical entity who offers wisdom through Hicks. As Dyer advised his audience, "Whether you believe in channeling or not, please open yourself to this information because it is the most valuable information you can hear."

Randy Peyser: Like many people, I've followed my dreams and risked everything to create what I feel most passionate about in life. But I've not yet achieved the financial level of success I dreamed I would achieve from having done all this work. They say, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I'm wondering, how far behind is it following?

Abraham: It's possible for you to hold yourself apart from money indefinitely, or it's possible for you to begin to allow the money to flow in large sums almost immediately. While it does not take time for things to turn around, it does take making a vibrational shift. The universe responds to the vibration of your being.

Here is an easy way to understand this: You do not set your radio dial to 630 AM expecting to hear what is being broadcast on 98.7 FM. You know that the frequencies have to match up. We can feel that your vibrational frequency is set on 'it's not happening.' Meanwhile, your desire is set to, 'I really want this and I believe that I deserve for it to happen.'

So there is a contradiction happening vibrationally within you that needs to be soothed. Many people don't realize when they're making progress because quite a bit of vibrational alignment takes place before the physical evidence shows. For example, Esther and her husband, Jerry, often travel 400 miles from Phoenix to San Diego. If they travel west consistently, they will arrive in San Diego, even though during most of the 400 mile journey they cannot see San Diego. If they were to stop and take score, they would say, 'We are not where we want to be,' even though they were well along the way. Many people get to the halfway point and become so concerned that they are not yet there that they head back to Phoenix.

People do that relative to their financial gains in this way: they get hopeful, and vibrationally speaking, they are well along the way to their destination. But then a bill comes, or they get tired, or feel overwhelmed or overworked, or stop and take score. Then they turn around and head in the wrong direction.

To obtain vibrational alignment, you have to consistently keep the faith, focus upon what you want, and speak about it in ways that make you feel good about it. Disappointment, anger or frustration mean you are headed in the wrong direction. Feelings like hope or elation mean you are going in the right direction.

RP: You state that you have to focus for just 17 seconds on a new thought in order for a matching vibration to be activated.

A: That's true, however, you can't find hope or elation when you are feeling despair or disappointment. Sometimes when you try to reach for hopeful words, you find them but they are empty and hollow. The best thing to do is to work your way gradually up the emotional scale. Reach for something that feels just a little better, and then try to maintain that feeling. Then reach for something else that feels a little better still.

For example, let's say you've worked hard, you feel like you've paid the price, but your money is still not flowing the way you want it to. The emotion you might then feel is discouragement or powerlessness. From there, you can't find appreciation or hope Instead, try to find something that feels a little better than the feeling of having no control. This might feel like anger. You might say, 'This doesn't seem fair. There are many people who are making more money than I am who are not working nearly as hard.' Even though it's not where you want to stay, if these angry words feel slightly better to you than your words of powerlessness or despair, you are moving in the right direction.

Of course, you don't want to stay in anger. You then want to reach for something that feels slightly better - like being frustrated. 'I don't understand why my efforts aren't paying off. I should be able to make more money doing this.' Can you feel in that frustration that you are in a slightly better place than that discouraged despair where you started?

Each time you reach for a slightly better feeling thought you leave a little of your resistance behind. You then come closer into vibrational alignment with your desires. Once you get to frustration, with not much effort you can find appreciation. Then you might say, 'I like doing this work and I feel better when I do this than anything I've ever done. I was born to do it.' Work your way up to appreciation and stay there more consistently. The vibration of appreciation is the vibration that lets the money flow in.

RP: Are there other exercises that we can do?

A: There is a game we encourage, and everyone we know who has played this game has had a financial turnaround without exception. If you play the game, you will see evidence immediately. The game is to put a $100 in your pocket or purse. Keep it with you. Throughout the day, notice how many things you could buy with that $100. Don't spend it. Just spend it in your mind. Say to yourself, 'I could have that. I could take my friends and eat there. I could buy those beautiful shoes. I could do this, or if I really wanted to, I could do that. As you move through the day, acknowledge how many things you could buy.

What is powerful about this exercise is that you really could buy all of these things. You're not pretending that you could buy it. You've got the $100 in your pocket. The universe does not know the difference between reality or the perception of reality. The universe responds to your perception of reality. As you spend that $100 a thousand times today, think what you've done in terms of activating the abundance vibration within yourself.

RP: What do you think about using affirmations for increasing prosperity?

A: Affirmations are wonderful because it is much better to speak positively than to speak negatively. But the universe isn't responding to your words; it responds to your vibration, and your vibration is being indicated to you by the way you feel. If you don't believe what you're saying, your vibration hasn't shifted, so nothing changes for you.

The key to affirmations is to work yourself into a place where you really feel it. We have never talked about this before anywhere, but a very good application of an affirmation would be to affirm your way up the emotional scale. Start with an affirmation of where you are emotionally then keep reaching for a better feeling thought. Here's how that might work:

I don't have enough money. - That's an affirmation.

I'm sick and tired of not having enough money. - A stronger affirmation going in the wrong direction.

I really would like to have more money. - A better affirmation.

I don't know how I'm going to get more money. - Not as good an affirmation.

Maybe something will happen and I will break loose. - A better affirmation.

I've been waiting a long time and nothing has broken loose yet. - A worse affirmation.

Other things in my life work pretty well. - A better affirmation.

I'm going to start watching for the evidence of what I want financially. - A better affirmation.

I bet the evidence is there and I just haven't seen it. - A better affirmation.

I'm looking forward to seeing the evidence of my improved vibration. - A better affirmation.

I think I'm going to figure this out. - A better affirmation.

I can hardly wait until something happens and I can say, I know that I did that. - A better affirmation.

Things are already turning around for me. I can feel it. - A better affirmation.

About then, 99% of your vibration is in place and the universe must show you manifestation.

Joseph Campbell spoke the best words we have ever heard when he said, 'follow your bliss.' For as you follow your bliss, you will be the true extension of who you really are. When you worry about money, you can't get a whiff of bliss - it's too far away on the vibrational scale.

So set an affirmation that says, 'I will reach for the best feeling thought I have access to right now. And I'll be proud of myself when I find even the slightest relief.'

When you try to feel better, you will. When you feel better, you've released resistance. When you've released resistance, you are on the trail to all of those things that you want. All those magnificent things that you desire, some of which were set into motion for you before you even got into this physical body, will be. It is law.

RP: There are many people, especially those who have felt called to be of service, who have never planned for retirement because they felt that the universe was going to take care of them. But now these baby boomers are getting older and they're worrying about their financial future. How might you address this?

A: If they really believe they will always be taken care of then they will always be taken care of. So the question we ask is, 'what's happened that's changed that attitude?'

Usually the answer is that they're taking score of some physical evidence. When you are younger with a long future ahead of you, it's easier to be more optimistic about the future bringing you things that you need than when you feel that your years are closing in on you. If you can maintain the belief that the universe is taking care of you, then the next door will open, and the door after that, and the door after that.

We would much rather see people believing in their well-being and trusting that the doors will always open, than those who are pessimistically expecting the doors to close and who are trying to flood their bank accounts with money in order to prepare for that. The truth is the universe will always take care of you.

Jerry used to be a fanatic fly-fisherman. One of his favorite things was, with rod and reel in hand, to go running down the rocks in a creek, and somehow, he always knew that the next rock would be there. He just jumped from rock, to rock, to rock, to rock. He came to trust that there would always be another rock, and that he would always be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on enough that he would be able to find it.

It's that attitude that we want you to embrace - to skip through the rocks on the river of life. Feel the exhilaration of knowing that what you need will always be there for you. When that is your true belief, it will always be there for you. But when you start doubting and fearing, you will keep stepping in the water and it will get deeper and deeper. Your attitude is everything. What you came intending to focus upon in this life was your level of joy. When you click upon and set your tuner to wanting joy, everything else falls into alignment.

Esther Hicks holds workshops annually in 50 cities across the country. For information on her upcoming workshop in Honolulu on Dec. 13, 2005, her Hawaiian Cruise, Dec. 7-22nd, 2005, or her other events, please visit, (830) 755-2299.


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