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How can you put your best foot forward when baby steps send you into spasms? When local resident, Charlotte Hart, woke up every morning, she dreaded the day before her - not because of the events of her life, but because of the shooting pain in her feet, legs and back.

Eventually, Charlotte was given two options: have surgery or learn to live with the pain. However, days before her scheduled surgery, Charlotte discovered The Good Feet Store which specialized in custom-fitted arch supports. Within a half hour, Charlotte was sized and fitted for a pair of supports. The second she stepped onto the molded plastic supports, she said goodbye to her pain forever.

Thrilled by her instantaneous turnaround, Charlotte and her husband Jim, decided to find out more about this 'miracle' product. How did it work? Would it help with all kinds of pain? Did other people have experiences like theirs?

They learned that The Good Feet arch supports were bio-mechanically designed to realign the structure of one's skeletal system. By providing proper support to the four major arches of the foot, the entire foot would become weight-bearing. As a result, people would experience relief throughout the joints of their bodies, including their ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and in some cases, their shoulders and necks.

Not only did The Good Feet devices relieve numerous painful conditions, but they also helped golfers, snowboarders, surfers, and other sports' enthusiasts to gain an edge over their competition by providing them with a stronger sense of balance. The supports also helped people who were unsteady on their feet, such as elderly people, stroke victims or those with Parkinsons.

Within five months of obtaining her arch supports, Charlotte and Jim opened The Good Feet Store in Seaside. Now, two-and-a-half years later, they've fitted over 6000 customers with specialty products that allow them to live and work pain-free!

Says Charlotte, "Tears of joy are not uncommon in our store. Sometimes people come in, like I did, because they're in pain and this is their last resort. Then they walk out and they're not in pain anymore."

Otis O'Neal, a young man in his mid-twenties who works for The Good Feet Store can attest to this. Otis, himself, used to experience constant pain in his knees and back. Medical interventions provided no relief for this active guy on the go. However, stepping into his first pair of arch supports has enabled him to run pain-free again.

Who can benefit from Good Feet arch supports?

Anyone on their feet all day Anyone doing heavy lifting People with bunions or other foot ailments People with sciatica or other painful conditions Golfers Snowboarders Surfers Runners Nurses Hair stylists Mechanics Farm laborers Policemen Firemen Car salesmen Military personnel Tennis players Waitresses Elderly people Stroke victims Parkinsons sufferers.

"I recommend The Good Feet Store to my patients because I've had a lot of success with their products. Their arch supports help decrease knee and back pain, and that makes my job easier." - Claire Parrish D.C., Carmel

"Arch supports from The Good Feet Store and a good foot health program can help eliminate many painful foot conditions." - Dr. Vittorio Lagana, D.P.M., Monterey and Salinas

"The quality of service at The Good Feet Store is outstanding. The staff took their time to make sure I got what I really needed. As a result, my balance has improved and I feel much steadier on my feet. I have three friends going in to get their arch supports this week!" - Laura S., client from Carmel

The Good Feet Store is open seven days a week at 1121 Military Ave. #201, Seaside. Call (831) 393-3370.


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