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What would you get if you crossed the most spiritually brilliant spiritual sages with Howard Stern or Lenny Bruce? You'd get none other than Vaishali, the wild child of the spiritual radio airwaves! You can check out Vaishali at the link above. Tune into her radio shows. Buy her books. You're in for a witty, wonderful, and spiritually irreverant, but brilliant, ride!


Below are some of the many people with whom I interact who provide services of great value.

Raffine Chocolates

Artisan Chocolates - Heavenly and Classy!

Steve Lillo, web master extraordinaire for conscious biz people.

Planet Astrology
Astrologer Pamela Frank.


Suzanne Martino, Deep "See" Diver

AngelScribe’s Good News Letter
MaryEllen, “AngelScribe,” shares inspiring stories of miracles, kindness, and angelic presence. I really love her newsletter!!!

Abraham material
I’m a big fan of the Abraham material channeled by Esther Hicks. Great for developing a prosperity mindset!

Emanations - John MacEnulty
John's daily messages are profound! A great way to start each day!

Daniel B. Holeman & Visions Unlimited
Daniel is a fantastic visionary artist who can create any sacred image you desire. He does CD covers, graphics, and web sites, including mine!

Susun Weed-Master Herbalist

See also:,,,

Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Company- Diane English Inspirational Greeting Cards, T-shirts, magnets and more.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workshops - Mindy Hitchcock

Holistic Law Practice - Mindy Hitchcock

Holistic lawyer Mindy Hitchcock aims to be a beacon to heal through love.


James Twyman
The “Troubadour for Peace.”

Radiant Women
Shelby makes me laugh. She's a very funny writer!

Elinor Stutz
Author of "Smooth Selling: Building Sales Through Building Relationships!

Yolanda King
Daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and author of "Open My Eyes, Open My Soul

Elinor Stutz
On Your Mark, Get Set, SELL!




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