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Popular New Age author and celebrity, Terry Cole-Whittaker, will be speaking at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo.  I had a wonderful chat with Terry and want to share some of her thoughts, feelings and inner adventures with you.

TERRY:  I live alone by choice right now (on a 115 acres of wildnerness in Washington).  I feel like it's a time of celibacy for me, and being with myself.  Sometimes going through the 'dark journey of the soul.'  It's what I need. 

Being alone in isolation is helping me to discover what my path is.  I tend to be very susceptible as a healer and as an empathic person and I tend to pick up everybody else's stuff and I tend to want to fulfill their dreams, and that's a wonderful thing, but yet I get off my path.  So this isolation period is helping me to find my way, my path, rather than get caught up in everybody else's way so that then I can better fulfill my own destiny. 

I feel like this is a destiny path for me right now.  Then when I go out and be with people I come from a new place, I come from a place of strength  and that's what I personally need to do right now.

RP:  It seems that there's so many people going through that 'dark journey of the soul' right now, more than before.  Have you noticed that? 

TERRY:  Well, I'm not in contact with anybody so I didn't know that, but it's nice to hear, because I know what the planet is going through, and we're basically the conciousness of the planet.  We're here transforming energy with the planet as it moves into its next dimension.  We have become the earth so that we can transform this energy.  And so we have to go through all these cycles ourselves.

RP:  What is the planet going through?

TERRY:  It feels like what it's going through is an awakening into a higher, more evolved state of conciousness.  There's a number of different explanations.  Like Jose Arguelles said, "The earth is really a time machine, a time ship and that we're basically caught in a time warp."  And my feeling is that in a sense we have basically been asleep and we are awakening into the full memory of who we are as spiritual beings, not human beings.  And we're also as spiritual beings, having a human experience.  Plus we're having an animal experience and a reptilian experience.  We are multi-dimensional and the key is the awakening to our spiritual nature and being able to experience all these different dimensions and align them. 

It seems to me it's like a marriage of spirit and matter, it's a marriage of the masculine and the feminine we're going through, which is evolving us into a new being that combines all these qualities.  So it's very challenging.

RP:  It certainly is.  Life on the earth plane is most challenging.

TERRY:  I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't want to be here, and other times I'm thrilled to be here.  And other times I go, "Why me?"

RP:  What do you do when you get into that place where you feel like 'I don't want to be here'?

TERRY:  What I'm learning and what I'm doing is allowing myself to go through all the emotions.  If I cry, I cry.  If I'm upset, I'm upset.  If I want to yell at God, I yell at God.  I feel like I'm shifting into this state of grace, that I have shifted into it, but I haven't quite caught up to it yet.  So I'm just letting myself feel what I feel.  And at the same time I'm staying in the highest state that I possibly can while this is happening. 

RP:  So, what would you like to share now?

TERRY:  I'd like to be there to support people through these changes, this major evolution that we're going through right now.  We can help each other through this time.  There's probably three main areas (to focus on): 

One is HEALTH AND ENERGY.  I had a stroke about 6 years ago when I was trekking in the Himalayas and I had to be carried out on the back of a sherpa for two days because I couldn't walk and I got to Katmandu and for 2 days all I heard was choirs singing and organ music and now I realize it was angels singing to me. 

Then about 4 years ago my cholestorol got very high.  At that point, I decided to find out about how my body functions.  So, I've learned a lot healthwise, mentally, emotionally and physically how to be healthy.  Another area is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which is being true to oneself and loving, and the other area is PROSPERITY CONCIOUSNESS. 

What I'm going to be doing at the upcoming Spirit, Mind and Body Expo in Concord is share about 'SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS' which is about living from a state of grace.  I'm going to be sharing a new order, not that it's totally new for everybody, but I feel like it's a new way that everyone will prosper.  It's like Buckminster Fuller said, "If we divided up all the natural resources, everyone would have 4 million dollars a year to spend for life."  And what he's talking about is our natural resources within ourselves and to help people make that shift from 'time is money' to 'time is art'.  And to help people make that shift from working out of fear and doing the regular old 9-to-5-better-get-a-real-job so you'll save money for your old age, to living in a continual flow of whatever you need. 

Prosperity comes from from sharing.  Prosperity is another word for confidence, and it's another word for contribution- sharing, and it's another word for God, and for love.  This is the truth.  This is what we are. 

That's what I'm going to be sharing at the Spirit, Mind, Body Expo, the PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS, and how anyone can apply them so they can shift from the fear-based, scarcity reality to the love-based, abundance reality of continual flow of whatever they need.  And assist them in taking those courageous steps into the new reality and how to do that. 

As the fear comes up we get so scared that we try to do something to alleviate the fear.  If we just let the fear come up and go deep into it and ride it through, we'll move out of it out the other side. 

RP:  And there can really be a balance.

TERRY:  Totally, and we're moving into a galactic balance.

RP:  Is Spiritual Economics tied in with self-worth?

TERRY:  Yes, and isn't that a wonderful word, "self worth?"  and it's also tied in with letting go of success and goal-setting.  No more having to deal with success and goal setting.

RP:  There's so much emphasis placed on the goal, like if you don't know what you want, you can't achieve it.

TERRY:  This throws people into a fear state.  This whole thing, what do you want and goals.  I like to be more in the realm of wishes.  Light wishes.  Basically a lot of asking from your higher self and learning how to receive the communication.  Where you're supposed to be is as obvious as the nose on your face.  But the nose on your face is on your face, so you don't see it.  Drop all these expectations of fame and fortune and success.  And what comes from that is wellbeing and wealth.   And it's really everyone finding and having their mission and their purpose and fulfilling their destiny. 

RP:  It involves a lot of let-go.

Definitely.  A lot of let-go.  But that's what we're doing right now and if we don't let go, it's grabbed from us.  So what I want to do is assist people so they don't have to have everything just ripped away.  So they can let go gracefully, and I like the word 'gracefully', because it's grace, so they can slide and flow into the next millenium.

RP:  I think that a lot of the let-go has been hard for a lot of people.

Well yes, because we're programmed the other way.  We're programmed that time is money, and that you've gotta have a real job and save money for your old age and we've been used by whoever wants to use us.  And the awakening state is the state of personal liberation.  There are people who know how to control our minds.  That's why it's really important for people to know what truly brings them happiness, and truly what they want their lives to be about.   Which may not be anything at all like their lives are today.

RP:  Sounds like you're talking about getting in touch with some very deep part of Self that doesn't rely on approval from any society or any other person.

Yes.  Or lifestyle.  It's like making up new legends now, new myths.  Not living by the old myths.  New legends that have their source in something far greater than we have known in our recorded history.


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