by Randy Peyser

From Oprah to the Dalai Lama, to the Beatles to the Buddha, comes You Are What You Love, (Purple Haze Press), the definitive 21st Century guide for seekers of timeless wisdom. Providing answers to some of life's biggest questions, author Vaishali, an intellectual, yet highly irreverent mystic, magically mixes concepts and story-telling from such traditional sources as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sufism, with unconventional sources, including Groucho Marx, Cheech and Chong, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, and even Mini-Me.

Fortunately, for both the spiritually adept and layman, You Are What You Love, doesn't stick like dry rice cakes on the roof of one's mouth while delving into such subjects as consciousness, spiritual growth, the function of the ego, or the nature of mind itself, but rather offers a fresh, new, often humorous slant on bringing alive the essence of eternal truth. In between the traditional and the unconventional, readers will discover the core teaching the author feels binds many of the divergent philosophies and individuals together, which is namely that "you are what you love."

Based on the work of one of the author's favorite teachers, the 17th Century mystic, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Vaishali states, "You are what you love, and you love whatever it is you are giving your attention to right now. For example, if one is worried about their income, what they love is being in a state of perpetual fear. If one is stewing over a relationship, what they love is to stew."

Explains Vaishali, who has worked to extrapolate the extremely turgid writings of many brilliant philosophers like Swedenborg (who only wrote in Latin), and convert them into bite-sized concepts that anyone can understand, "We do not have love, we are love. Love is not a possession. You can't lose it like a cheap pair of sunglasses in a gas station bathroom. Nobody can take it away from you.

This book is about knowing you don't have love, you are inseparable from it. You don't have to earn it; you don't have to justify it; you don't have to wait until other people decide that you're good enough to own it; you claim it because you don't have it; you are it! Since you don't have love, you are love, this also means you don't have God-consciousness; you are God-consciousness."

Calling You Are What You Love "nothing short of brilliant," Dannion Brinkley, the best selling author of Saved by the Light, states, "This book is a spiritual recipe for serving up wisdom at its best. Vaishali shows you how to take the knowledge of the ages, mix it with the clarity of a flawless diamond, and stir in the truth of Heaven. Dine on it daily!"

Dr. Brian Breiling, the author of Light Years Ahead, agrees, stating, "Vaishali's writing provides a clear road map showing how we can practice realigning our insights to the gates of heaven itself." Rave reviews have also been received from the world-renowned medical intuitive, Anthony William, who has gone as far as to say, "Vaishali provides a window into the future of spirituality." You Are What You Love delivers the secret to finding true happiness and purpose in life - especially for those who have hit a pothole on the road to enlightenment.

Vaishali says she wrote the book so that anyone, regardless of their religious upbringing or cultural background could pick it up and say, "I get it! I understand what the spiritual experience is about. I understand where I am hurting myself. I understand how to liberate myself, and will no longer let the ego, or the relationship with my emotional body tyrannize me ever again."

Revealing that "known side effects of reading this book have included sudden, deep-seated feelings of self acceptance and tolerance for others, Vaishali admits her other intention in writing You Are What You Love is to show that there really is only one life, one God, one Spirit, one happiness and we are all sharing it.

Says Vaishali, "All spiritual traditions are like spokes that travel to the center of a wheel. I want to show the oneness and the unification. We all have more in commonality than we have in diversity."

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