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Sharron Rose MA.Ed is the writer/director of Timewave 2013: The Future is Now, a film that explores the end date of the Mayan Calendar and the prophecies and mystic teachings related to the year 2012. A Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in World Mythology, Religion and the Sacred Arts of Dance, Music and Theatre, Sharron was the first American disciple to study under Sitara Devi, India’s legendary Kathak dancer and tantric adept, where she was initiated into a sacred tradition of the ancient feminine Yogic Arts. She is the author of the award winning book, The Path of the Priestess; A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine (Inner Traditions), and the producer of the Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection.

In Timewave 2013, which follows her film, 2012 The Odyssey, Sharron introduces viewers to the ceremonies and prophecies of the Q’ero, the descendants of the Ancient Incas, who live in the high peaks of Peru. Without cars, blaring televisions, technology, or any modern conveniences, the Q’ero experience a rare clarity of perception that allows them to travel in time to see into the past or the future.

In Timewave 2013, the Q’ero share the Prophecy of Pachacuti (their ancient Incan prophet) as well as the Legend of the Four Holy Shamans, who they believe will come in 2012 to lead us into the next Age. The film also features brilliant commentary from such inspiring luminaries as Jose Arguelles, Jean Houston, Dr. Albert Villoldo, Gregg Braden, Riane Eisler, Jay Weidner, and others.

Randy Peyser: Tell us about the Q’ero and the prophecies that are revealed in Timewave 2013.

Sharron Rose: The Q’ero are the descendents of the ancient Incans, who left at the time of the Spanish Conquest and have survived for generations in the high mountains of Peru. Their work is documented by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, who has translated their ancient healing modalities to make them practical, scientific and contemporary for the western world. The Q’ero are profound shamans and healers who have the capacity to see beyond normal reality; they can see through time.

Randy: I loved Alberto Villoldo’s insight about how the Q’ero access time. He stated: “Our mythology says, ‘We own space. We can travel to any country. This is a foreign concept to the Q’ero. But it is the indigenous people who can travel across time, which is foreign to us’.”

Sharron: The Q’ero shamans talk about the Prophecy of the Pachacuti, which they say will happen in 2012. Their belief is that at this time, the world, which has gone into chaos, will be turned right side up again, and a new human will be born. They call this new human, “homo-luminous.”

The Q’ero hold the teachings about the luminous body. The essence of their teachings has to do with understanding and healing the luminous body. The luminous body surrounds and informs the physical body, like a great matrix of light. They say that within the luminous body, everything is encoded – your past, your future, all your genetics and your karma. They have techniques by which one can learn to perceive everything that is encoded to heal oneself, bring the whole being into balance, and even become homo-luminous.

I am trained in the Tibetan Dzogchen and Tantric traditions, and the Masters in my teacher, Namkhai Norbu’s, lineage accomplished this transmutation. Some of my teacher’s relatives became what they call “rainbow bodies,” where at death, their bodies dissolved into light and rainbows appeared in the sky. All that remains were their hair and fingernails.

This transmutation of the human body into light as the ultimate goal of the human endeavor is documented in alchemical teachings, the Kabbalah and in many traditions. I wrote about this in The Path of the Priestess. An Indian princess named Mandarava was a consort of Padmasambhava, the great spiritual leader who brought the tantric teachings to Tibet. They lived in caves and realized these teachings on immortality together. At the time of her “death” Mandarava gave her final teaching to her disciples and dissolved into light. Amazingly, her students turned into light, too.

Once one turns into light, as the teachings say, he or she can remain in the luminous realms and work from those realms, or be born on other world systems besides our own, or come back here and continue to work in whatever form one chooses to come back in.

Randy: How do you think this transmutation occurs?

Sharron: Since the body is made up of elements and the elements are essentially light, what happens is that the elements reverse back into their true nature. This is the essence of the Tantric teachings, the alchemical teachings and the Tibetan teachings. It was extraordinary to find the same teachings in Peru with the Q’ero. Alberto would tell you there is a connection between the Q’ero and the Tibetans. He says that they came across the land bridge from the Himalayas.

Randy: What kind of experiences did you have with the Q’ero?

Sharron: The first time I met Dona Bernandina, a Q’ero shaman, she gave me a blessing forehead to forehead. In the East, you would call it ‘shaktipat,’ a leap of knowledge, of light from the teacher to the student, of the Buddha to the disciple. When I had this experience this energy leapt from her head into mine. I felt this great opening in my visual capacity. When I would go into meditation, I would become a great eagle and fly over different landscapes, while perceiving from an eagle eye perspective. I’d never experienced that kind of shamanic, Earth Keeper kind of transmission before.

The Q’ero are completely connected to the natural world, to the plants and the animals. They are the Earth Keepers. During the interview for Timewave 2013, the Q’ero performed a Despacho ceremony to help release negativity. The construction of a Despacho is similar to that of a Tibetan Sand mandala. It is formed with symbolic objects of beauty, endearment and humor to the Q’ero. During the ceremony all of our negative thoughts, feelings and emotions were placed inside the objects of the mandala. We also blew our prayers into coca leaves to send our prayers out into the world. Coca leaves are a very mild stimulant. In addition to helping with altitude sickness, the coca leaf itself contains that energy of clarity. When you blow your prayers into the coca leaf, the essential energy of the coca leaf itself is blended with your own energy and sent out into the world.

Sitting with the Q’ero in ceremony was extremely powerful. They have a strong sense of presence and an ability to be totally focused in the present moment. Their intention during the Despacho ceremony reminded me of what it was like to sit with the Tibetan masters, the Rinpoches. It was an experience where I felt completely connected to all. I went into a state of complete bliss. Even though the ceremony was about bringing up and releasing all of one’s negativity, it was performed from such a place of grace and openness that I could not help but be at peace.

Randy: When the Q’ero talk about awakening the luminous body, does that mean we are all going to die?

Sharron: No. It really depends on us. We are at this crucial moment where we have a choice. As we’ve placed our focus on materialism we have lost the capacities we have always had and that are natural to us. In Tibet, for example, they still have practices where they go outdoors, sit in the snow and use their inner heat to melt the snow. Legends tell us that human beings once had the ability to use sound to affect matter. Some say the pyramids were built in this way. We lived on light. Even today there are practices taught for maintaining optimal health by ingesting light. These ancient secrets have been kept by the Earth Keepers. That is their role, to hold and transmit these very precious teachings.

Today, all the lies and darkness, and the pain and suffering in Western civilization is coming up to be distilled so that we can now purify and come into a new Golden Age of Light and recover our lost capacities. In every moment we have a choice to live in fear or in right action. The human race has to choose right now. From one perspective, it looks as though the human race is trying to commit suicide. We are engaging is war, polluting the planet, drugging ourselves, etc. In this greediness, in this desire to dominate we have lost our hearts.

Randy: In your film, Jean Houston states: “We have lost the hearth where we sat with our grandparents who told the stories. We have replaced the hearth with the television set. No hearth, no heart. No sense of continuity. No sense of the great connectivity. No sense of the great chain of being between generations without which civilization perishes.”

Sharron: Jean impacted me with her eloquence, and her search and openness to look at so many cultures throughout the world and find their commonalities. This is also my work- finding ways of bringing people together in peace and harmony.

Randy: Help us to understand more about the transmutation of human beings into the luminous light body. Is this what is referred to as ascension? Do we come and go out of physical form?

Sharron: The transmutation into a luminous light body is a purification or distillation process in which we rid ourselves of darkness. On a psychological level, our emotions – such as anger, lust, jealousy, ignorance and pride – are transmuted through meditation and through working on ourselves. The work begins on the inner levels. The whole change of the world has to start with you, so if you want a world of beauty and connectivity, you have to start with yourself.

This is a process of going in, bringing up all of the darkness and freeing it. It’s all energy. When anger is transmuted it becomes clarity. When jealousy is transmuted it becomes all accomplishing wisdom. When pride is transmuted it becomes equanimity. When ignorance or lethargy is transmuted it becomes a sense of spaciousness. When lust is transmuted it becomes discernment.

The transmutation process frees people from their cravings. It is a path of freedom. As you release darkness you will feel lighter and become clearer. You will begin to have the capacity to interact with lighter levels of reality, the luminous levels. It is not like you will fly off to some other realm. You will be firmly grounded in the material world, and from this place, bring your expanded knowledge and perception into your every action in this world. As you bring this expanded energy into your physical body, your whole body will begin to become lighter. You will heal. This is what they mean by enlightenment.

In the Tibetan teachings to which I’m connected, all of the luminous beings are still around. There is a Bodhisattva vow of compassion that when you achieve enlightenment you stay around to assist all others. They hang out. Some of them come back. That’s why they have the whole reincarnation system in terms of the Lamas, like the Dalai Lama.

They are waiting for us to call upon them; when you become a student of these traditions, you receive what is called a transmission or an initiation that opens the doorway to perceive these beings or these realms. Then you can connect with them and move into the next phase.

As you go through this process toward enlightenment, your latent capacities, which are not being addressed in the material world right now, will increase. As an example, every woman has the capacity that we call woman’s intuition, but we are taught to not trust it. Everybody has the capacity to travel in their dreams and have visions, but all of that has been suppressed. It’s coming back now, but in the general world it is not what people are focused upon.

As you clear the darkness, you free yourself from what Alberto calls the “Cultural Trance.” Jose Arguelles calls it the “Dream Spell.” Riane Eisler calls it the “Dominator Trance.” As you free yourself from this mindset, which is the signature of the modern world, then these capacities start to come back to you.

Randy: You say, “The ancients say the body of light can only be achieved through love. Compassion and forgiveness are the path toward true liberation.” To me, these qualities represent the Divine Feminine.

Sharron: We have to return to the ways of the feminine. In ancient times, women were the healers, the spiritual leaders, the caretakers, the initiators of mysteries concerning life, death and sexuality. In patriarchal times, these roles were squashed. With feminism we came into the marketplace to work alongside men. But we were taught to emulate men and not recover our true feminine power. Part of my work is to assist women in understanding they have this feminine power and that they do not have to emulate men. The feminine power, in its true nature, is very inclusive; it’s warm, motherly, compassionate and incisive. However, since we were taught to deny our true nature and to emulate men, we think that in order to compete in the marketplace we need to be even tougher than men. This is a generalization but it often happens when women become leaders of corporations.

In our domination of the world, our materialism and the patriarchal process, we have lost the heart. In Timewave 2013, when Don Umberto talks about America, he says, “America has great brilliance and a great mind, but now that brilliance must be brought down to the heart. Without the gifts of the heart we will not be able to think our way out of the problem.”

Our survival is at stake, and to survive, we must come back to the ways of the heart. The path of the heart is the path of the Earth Keepers, of the indigenous people, the path of healing. Now it is time for us, the Baby Boomer generation, to stand up and align ourselves with our highest goals. Now we are the elders. We can reshape the world into one that our children and grandchildren will be able to live in and survive and thrive.

The Q’ero say, “We must come back to the ways of the earth, to the ways of the feminine. We must come back to the Mother.”

Timewave 2013 is currently being screened in hundreds of venues throughout the United States and Canada, including Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living and New Age book stores. Timewave 2013 will be released to the general public at the 2012 Conference in San Francisco on November 1, 2008. Visit to arrange for a screening or for more information.



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