"Financial Planning with a Sigh of Relief"

Waddell & Reed financial advisor, Russell Blahetka, provides strategic advice for individuals and couples in need of a solid financial plan. Specializing in long term plans, his areas of expertise include:

  • Budgeting
  • Retirement plans
  • Education funding for children
  • Accumulation funding for cars/houses
  • Life insurance
  • Protecting accumulated wealth through long term care or disability insurance
  • Asset allocation directing toward mutual funds
  • Financial aspects as related to estate planning

A member of the Adjunct Faculty for the University of Phoenix, Russell teaches global business management and statistics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Holding an MBA in Global Business Practices from San Jose State University, he is currently completing his dissertation to obtain his Doctorate in Business Administration.

Having passed a rigorous exam sponsored by the College for Financial Planning and the Investment Company Institute, Russell holds the designation of Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor.

Developed to magnify an investment professional's knowledge of mutual funds, the CMFC professional education program enables Russell to provide in-depth information regarding all aspects of mutual funds as related to one's financial goals.

Russell has launched operations overseas for companies, has managed international consultants, and is academically published in journals related to international business.

With expertise in the realm of international finances, Russell is proficient with foreign currency. He can provide assistance to those who have financial interests outside of the United States, or who need to protect themselves from currency fluctuations.

For example, he can help a father budget for custody payments in an international divorce; assist someone who wants to set aside money to retire outside of the United States; or advise an entrepreneur about an event happening overseas that might impact their business.

Russell is dedicated to taking the financial weight of the world off of his client's shoulders. From those whose lives are financially shattered, to those who are in good financial shape, but need to discern how to best allocate their funds, with fourteen years in the field of international business, he excels in helping people reach their personal financial goals.

"I love to help people out of a difficult spot. When I look across a table after helping a couple, and hear a sigh of relief, I'm happy..."

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