Increasing Your Financial Self-Worth


by Randy Peyser

Peggy Black is a Sacred Sound Salutarist and intuitive channel who lectures, teaches and empowers others worldwide to live abundant and prosperous lives. She assists individuals in focusing their intentions and clears energy fields to help people open to the divine flow. She is the creator of Morning Messages, offering daily, free, intuitive, inspirational messages and tools that can be used to honor one’s magnificent, multidimensional Self.,

Having practiced and mastered the “fine art of financial worry,” I recently decided to take a Prosperity Playshop led by Peggy Black. In the comfort of her elegant, retreat-like home tucked away in the scenic Santa Cruz mountains, a small group of us assembled, eagerly anticipating what new tools we might learn that would help us to overcome our self-limiting beliefs, or whatever it was that was preventing each of us from opening to a greater flow of prosperity.

In the middle of the workshop, which more than lived up to its promise, Peggy’s doorbell rang unexpectedly. Surprised to find the postman at her door, Peggy was asked to sign for a letter. Naturally curious, we all wanted to know what it said. Peggy opened it and announced that she had just been given some money, the result of an estate settlement.
Although I couldn’t help but take notice of the timing of this unexpected income, these seemingly “out-of-the-blue” gifts of abundance appear to happen quite frequently for Peggy Black. In the following interview, she shares how we, too, can experience such gifts of abundance on an ongoing basis.

Randy Peyser: What do we need to know to increase our prosperity?

Peggy Black: One of the most important keys is to realize that you are worthy. Frequently, people talk about prosperity and do some internal work, but they still have their foot on the brake when it comes to increasing their prosperity because they do not recognize their magnificence. Recognizing one’s magnificence is one of the biggest keys. You must also realize that your work, your life’s passion, is valuable.

Along with one’s sense of self-worthiness, one must also maintain a willingness to receive, a willingness to succeed, a willingness to allow, and have a true sense of gratitude. You can also visualize your good coming to you by writing your intentions and creating treasure map collages. Each of these factors is important, and if any one of them is missing in some way, one’s flow of prosperity can be impacted.

Randy: Talk a little bit about the worthiness aspect. I think that people often diminish their sense of self-worth without even realizing it by apologizing for things that are beyond their control. They say, “I’m sorry” constantly, which implies that they are “less than” in some way.

Peggy: “If you look in a dictionary, you will discover that “sorry” means “feeling regret, remorseful, self-comdemning, self accusing, self-reproachful, deplorable, miserable, pitiful, inferior, inadequate, shoddy, worthless, unworthy, second-rate, and contemptible.” It’s a word that our society uses like a tissue; we toss it out all the time. It’s quite toxic in terms of our sense of self-esteem and self-worth. We undermine our own vibrational field every time we say, “I’m sorry.”

Randy: It sounds like you are saying that we can increase our net worth by increasing our self-worth, and that one of the ways to increase our self-worth is to acknowledge ourselves by using language that is more self-affirming, rather than personally disempowering.

Peggy: Exactly.

Randy: What about the underlying theme that many people identify with called, “I’m not good enough?”

Peggy: Many of us grew up with the idea that claiming one’s power or gifts and speaking of it was considered boastful. It was not possible to declare yourself as being powerful. Our parents, our society, did not instill in us a sense of self-worth or teach us how truly magnificent we are. We are just now beginning to recognize that we are divine creators and divine manifesters; that we are part of the divine spark. We’re moving into a new paradigm of evolution where we are recognizing that we’re worthy and we’re powerful. From that very sincere place of wanting to make a difference, and from making a difference, we can allow prosperity into our reality.

Randy: I know many wonderful, mind/body/spirit individuals who are financially on the edge. Most don’t have retirement plans, and like me, they are adept at worrying about their financial future. So, in light of all of this, what does it take for us to remember our magnificence, and why isn’t the universe supporting us?

Peggy: First of all, I think the universe is supporting us. I know many people who work in the healing field who are really good at creating miracles, but they only create enough miracles to just get by day to day. They still hold the perception of themselves as being limited human beings.

Randy: Is it possible to break out of those limited belief patterns?

Peggy: It’s very possible to break out of that when you recognize who you truly are. We are leaving an old matrix where an energy field, a mindset, has informed us that we’re not enough; that we’re sinners; that we’re unworthy in some way. Remembering your magnificence can be as simple as turning a page in a book; it can happen when you watch an inspiring movie, or when a friend shares an “aha” moment. It can happen in any moment in which you suddenly recognize your own magnificence and power, and it will happen in a different way for each individual.

Randy: Do you believe we have to work hard for our money?

Peggy: No. I believe that when I’m stating my intentions to the universe, and I’m in that really clean place where I can both allow and receive, money comes to me. When money doesn’t come to me in an easy way, or in the quantity I expect, then I recognize that there’s an aspect of me that’s carrying an old belief that is putting a roadblock in its path.

Randy: How do you excavate that kind of belief system?

Peggy: If your computer was misbehaving, you would backtrack to see what was causing that glitch. There are many wonderful ways to track down a limiting belief. Some do that through meditation, some through prayer, and some through writing in a journal. My good friend, sound healer, Tom Kenyon, suggests that you write your question about your limiting belief, or about what it is that you really want to create, with your dominant hand. Then let your less dominant hand write down the answer. By using both hands, you are tapping into a part of your mind that knows, but is generally more guarded.

Randy: What’s a better practice to do than endlessly worry about one’s finances?

Peggy: Each person has had what I call a “Miraculous Moment” a synchronicity, a blessing, something that was so juicy or delicious, something that was thrilling and exciting, or some experience for which you were extremely grateful or emotional. Go back to that memory, that uplifted and exhilarating state you felt in that moment. From your current worried state, now recall that kind of previous experience with as much juiciness and emotion and validity as possible. Recall this state of mind when even small amounts of unexpected prosperity show up in your life. Be thrilled and honored and grateful. Share your positive emotions with your friends or your partner. When someone sends you money unexpectedly as a ‘thank you’ and you celebrate it, at that moment, you’ve just tapped into your magnificence. The universe does support us.

Randy: Can you share some of your experiences about how abundance has shown up in your life when you didn’t expect it?

Peggy: Some years ago, my house burnt to the ground, and I took it on as a creative project to rebuild it. As I was about to refinance my construction loan, the interest rates went up to 21% and my house went into foreclosure. I wanted to keep my house, but if you looked at the outer reality of what was going on in our economy, it didn’t look good. This was clearly my “walk through fire.”

Fortunately, I had a very wise mentor who said, “If you want to keep your house, focus only on that, and focus only on ways to keep your house.” For one year, that’s what I did. I talked to people, prayed, meditated, used all of my spiritual tools, and raised $110,000.

Before the second balloon payment was due, my application to refinance was turned down and I was going to be in foreclosure the next day. I called the two spiritual business men that evening who had loaned me $17,000 for the first balloon payment, I and they said, “We want you to stay up all night and pray. In the morning at 6 A.M., start calling all your friends and see how much money you can raise by 10 A.M. and we’ll do the same. By 10 A.M., we had raised another $17.000 for the second balloon payment. My clear intention was that I was going to keep my house, and thanks to the generosity of so many people, I was able to do so.

Randy: There was another important aspect I noticed – you took action. You didn't just say prayers, you did the legwork.

Peggy: Yes. You can’t just sit on a mountaintop or in your room and meditate and pray. There are phone calls to be made, literature to be printed, people to meet. All of the Yang activities need to be performed

Randy: So the meditation part must be the Yin part of the prosperity journey?

Peggy: That’s right. You need to have a balance between the Yin and the Yang. If you just perform the action-oriented, Yang tasks, it’s not as effective. If you just do the receptive Yin part, it’s also not as effective. But if you do the Yin and the Yang in partnership, from that balanced place the flow is very generous.

Randy: Can you give some examples of clear intentions that can be used to create prosperity?

Peggy: Clear intentions are spoken from the present point of now. For example, I am divine prosperity. Prosperity flows with ease and grace. State simple intentions and phrase them in the positive as if they were already present in your reality.

When you state an intention out loud, you energetically infuse the ethers, or the subtle bodies, with that particular thought form or act of creation. It can take a little while for your acts of creation to filter through the energy fields to manifest into reality. It’s like planting a seed. You plant the seed in the etheric, knowing that your energy is going to help it to grow and blossom. In time it will become reality.

Do not include what you do not want in your intention. For example, do not say, It is my intention to have the money to pay my bills, or I am debt-free. In both cases, you’ve included your debt, your bills, in your intentions. In its place, state what it is you really want. For example, state: Money flows to me easily and provides for all my needs and more, or I am financially prosperous. All of my financial needs are met with great abundance.

Your intentions should feel light. Make sure they feel authentic, and that they are stated in the Now. Also make sure to put passion behind your words.

I’ve discovered that stating intentions is like a game. I love playing this game, because when I’m really clear it feels like I get to move my game piece forward. You know when you play Monopoly and you get to pass Go and collect $200? It’s like that. I state an intention, and then, all of a sudden, it manifests. And frequently, it comes in a surprising way.

For example, sometimes I’ve received unexpected money from people because I’ve somehow made a difference in their lives, or I’ll get a check from someone who says “I owed you this from 7 years ago and I just came into some money.” Those kind of wonderful occurrences help me to realize that I’m in that flow; I’m in that place of feeling worthy. When we’re in a place of worry, stress or frustration, that flow can’t happen. So the ultimate goal is to stay in that place of joy and gratitude.

Randy: Any final thoughts?

Peggy: There is one other aspect of prosperity that is extremely important to mention: If it is your lack of prosperity that keeps you from pursuing your dreams, you might actually have a deep-seated sense of unworthiness that will not permit you to take the risks that you need to take in order to manifest your dream. So no matter how many intentions you state, you will continue to create an environment where you will never have enough money, so you never have to take any risks. You can hold your dream in its infant seed as a dreamer would, but you never have to risk the possibility that you might fail. You just create an environment that always keeps you a little strapped for money.

Marianne Williamson states that we’re not afraid of our smallness, but that we’re afraid of our power. So if we’re afraid of our power, do you think we’re going to be able to have unlimited wealth? If we are not comfortable owning our ability to be powerful and magnificent, then one of the key ways for us to keep ourselves small is to make sure we never have enough money.

For example, five people could come together who have a similar dream, such as to create a healing center. If they all share this similar dysfunction, they will talk about building their healing center, and they’ll look at property and do all of the other things that are necessary to manifest that healing center. But something always falls through, because none of them feels comfortable claiming their power. Instead of being able to say, “I don’t feel comfortable claiming my power” it’s much easier for most people to just point to the outer reality and say, “That must have not been the right place or the right time.

The key is to do the energetic work to clear out what is holding you back, just like you do when you search on your computer and delete all of the programs you don’t need anymore.

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