Helping savvy authors, speakers, & entrepreneurs drive traffic to their websites and attract media attention!

"Ready to achieve success?" "We'll make your text sizzle..."

How many times have you read these old recycled teasers on marketing websites before? At Author One Stop, the only thing we want sizzling is a fajita platter at lunchtime.

Are you ready for a radical shift in your marketing approach?

We write the kind of attention-commanding text that will propel your book or service forward. We help you reach your ideal customer, drive traffic to your website, and grab media attention - without the use of hype or overused phrases. If you're really aiming for high-level impact, please take a look at what we offer below.

While many writers can create press releases or other marketing copy, our team of seasoned professionals will make your personality jump off the page. That's because we know all the letters from A-Z, and we'll use them in varying combinations to bring your brilliance out!

But don't take our word for it. Just look at what some of our clients have to say ...

"I bought a copy of Alternative Medicine magazine and was just floored by the article you wrote. You are the only writer who has ever captured the essence of what I am trying to do... and just really just nailed it." - Thomas Day Oates, Sacred Earth Film Productions PR Goddess of inspired creativity, YOU! We were blown away when we read your press release. Your writing, as compared to the press release we originally handed you, is like the difference between driving quickly in your car and traveling by warp speed in a space ship. You are the siren who sings a song of Internet intoxication! With much gratitude!- Vaishali, Author of You Are What You Love

"Your work is awesome. I'm thrilled. The first week I sent out my new speaker's bio, I got three new gigs!" - Laurelle Johnson, Innerwealth Communications

"You have captured my style and intention, in addition to the value I offer my clients and what I deliver. Thanks so much for working with me!" - Karen Mathews, Innovative Training Solutions

Here's one of our engage a reader, your marketing materials must have a strong hook, which is that special something that makes the reader want to keep on reading beyond the first paragraph. We are masters of the hook! Wouldn't you agree? So, do you think you might want to work with us? Don't seal the deal just yet! See samples of our work. We've got plenty at the Portfolio link above!

One last thing: Think about the number of marketing messages you get per day via email. Now, multiply that number by a thousand. That's what media people face every day when they open their email. Therefore, we don't crank out the same old text from a noodle maker time after time. Unlike other writing or marketing services, we spend tremendous amounts of time crafting each piece, word by word, to deliver unique marketing materials that scores of people will actually read!


The purpose of a Press Kit is to provide objective, factual information about your new book to the media in order to either obtain a book review or get an editor to do a story.

A Press Kit contains a Cover Letter; a Press Release about your book; your Bio; a Head Shot (put one in your media kit and have one available digitally online); any other recent press releases or relevant published articles; an endorsements page if you have one, a page of Interview Questions; and a copy of the book, or book cover only with prompt to contact you if they are interested in receiving a review copy.

Author One Stop will create all of the text aspects that are necessary for your Press Kit. We can refer you to superb designers if you would like to have your Press Kit professionally designed.

You will receive a:

  • Cover Letter
  • Press Release
  • Bio
  • Page of 10-15 Powerful Interview Questions

Note: Use a professionally designed folder for your press materials, or get a jazzy folder from an office supply store. In the folder, put all the press releases, and any articles that have been previously published about you or your subject matter, on the right side. Everything else goes on the left side, with the cover letter on top. Put your business card in the slotted space provided for business cards on the inside flap.


Includes everything in the the Media Kit above: Cover Letter, Press Release, Bio, Page of 10-15 Powerful Interview Questions, plus you will receive a Feature Article of up to 2000 words that you can submit to in-print magazines everywhere!


Includes a Bio, Speaker One Sheet (up to 5 speaking topics), an Introduction Letter for event host to read to the audience, and up to 5 edited testimonials.


  • $850 Feature Article (up to 2000 words)
  • $800 Speaker One Sheet (up to 5 speaking topics)
  • $450 Press Release
  • $300 Bio
  • $250 Speaker Intro.
  • $250 Cover Letter/Pitch Letter
  • You Write It - We Polish It! $85/hr.


To create your new marketing materials, contact: Randy Peyser.


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