Portrait Of A Healer

by Randy Peyser

(In Loving Memory of "Momma," Rev. Delorise Lucas who passed away on Sept. 8, 2002)

This past summer, twelve-year-old Sally Reeves had cancer throughout every bone in her body. In spite of extensive chemotherapy, she knew she was dying. Even her doctors had told her they were surprised she had made it this long. But before she died, Sally wanted to speak to all the other kids in the hospital who also had cancer. In front of 1200 people, she said her goodbyes, explaining that she was ready to die, and encouraging the others not to fear death. She told the children she would meet them on the other side when they got there. Then something unexplainable happened...

The day after her speech, Sally went to see a healer named Rev. Delorise Lucas, affectionately known as "Momma." Momma performed a healing on Sally, holding the girl's chest until she could feel the energy "poof" out of her. Then with full knowing, she looked at Sally and said, "You're healed." Sally looked back at the gentle woman whose hands rested on her chest and said, "I know it." She felt the energy leave her body at the same time Momma felt the "poof." They both grinned jubilantly.

Sally's parents were afraid to take her off the chemo, so she continued to receive a few more treatments. But Sally appeared to be getting sicker and sicker with each treatment, so her doctors decided to check her again. With a new round of tests, they could find no trace of cancer in her body. A few weeks later, Sally received a standing ovation as she graduated with her eighth grade class. Nine months later, there is still no evidence of cancer in Sally's body and Sally is doing fine. 

Stories such as Sally's are common for Rev. Momma Lucas. Joanne Mied, a student of Momma's has witnessed many such healings. Joanne watched Rev. Lucas heal a young father of a large, cancerous growth on his arm. The doctors had been talking about amputating the arm when Rev. Lucas laid her hands on the man. The growth became slightly smaller during the session, and within ten days, it had disappeared altogether. His physician still has no explanation for it.

Rev. Lucas explains how this healing takes place. "With this gift I have through my hands, when I touch tumors or cancer, they seem to separate from the tissues on the body and dissolve. The first time I did it, I was shocked. But it has happened so much now, that it's often instantanteous. It's so beautiful and it's all to the glory of God." Rev. Lucas never takes credit for the work she does. When asked if she "pulls" the disease out of a person, she replies, "God does. I'm only the instrument and God does the mighty work through me."

According to Joanne Mied, Rev. Lucas' mother and grandmother recognized her ability to heal when she was just a baby. They called her, "Momma Ditty," and she healed people of arthritis while they held her on their lap. To cure those bedridden with dropsy, Rev. Lucas' mother would place Momma Ditty on the infirmed person's stomach and the edema would disappear. 

Although Rev. Lucas' mother and grandmother recognized her healing abilities at a very young age, they did not appreciate another one of her unique attributes—clairvoyance. As a child she often got spanked for what was assumed to be evesdropping and gossiping, but was actually the result of clairvoyance. Momma shares that she learned to keep the truth to herself until she was an adult and could express it in a way that helped people.

When she was in her twenties, Momma studied with a spiritual teacher who told her, "God wants you full-time." Being a public health nurse, she felt that God couldn't quite have her full-time because she had to work for a living. And besides, she was giving God some of her time because she took care of many patients. 

Then one day while driving, she felt a strange hurting in her body. Hardly being able to steer her car, she got to her house and called the health department to say she had the flu. At the time, Momma was feeding soup and sandwiches to 35 to 50 poor children in her home every day, and she had a teenager who lived with her to cook for everyone. The teenager brought Momma to the doctor who gave her a flu shot and sent her home. 

Laying on her couch, Momma had periods where she either stopped breathing or where her breathing was in deep pants. The teenager assumed she was sleeping. When one of the nurses Momma worked with stopped by to see if she was all right, she realized Momma was in serious trouble. By then, Momma had a clot in her lungs and a coronary infarction. She was dying. 

Momma ended up in the hospital for seven years, two of which were spent in a coma. During those seven years she experienced ten clots in her heart, which meant ten "Code Blues"—ten clinical deaths. 

With each death experience, Momma got to visit the other side, and each time, she felt no pain, just a sense of great peace. She reports that she could ask the angels any question within her heart, without having to speak the words. The answers would come right back to her, and she was amused that they also didn't need to move their lips to communicate a thought. According to Momma, the angels always give honest answers to any question. 

The last time she experienced dying, the angels asked her if she would go back  because she could do so much more good work for God. And her response was, "Wheee... I'll go. I'll go." She saw the ground open and she was turning "flip-flop somersaults—like in fairy land." "I just went right in through my chest, and as that happened I heard a doctor say, "We brought her back." And I said from my insides, even though I couldn't move, "No you didn't. God asked me if I would come back. Now I know there's life on that side as well as on this."

One day, in her seventh year of lying in a hospital bed, Momma looked up at the ceiling and thought about how her teacher had told her that God wanted her full-time. She found herself saying, "God, if you really want me full-time, I'm yours through Eternity." A couple of days later the doctors removed her oxygen. Then they removed her catheter. Next they cut down her IV. In two weeks she was discharged from the hospital, went home, and "has been doing God's work ever since."

Momma laughs, "So it took me seven years to make my mind up that maybe God wanted me. I thought of my teacher or other people I had on pedestals and I could not believe that God had chosen me. I thought my teacher was wrong. I doubted it for seven straight years. If I had made up my mind to work full-time for God after three of those clinical deaths, I still wouldn't have believed that God wanted me like that. It took just what I went through to make me realize that God did want me full-time. I had to go through the seven years in the hospital to know it within myself, so I could dedicate every minute to doing God's mighty work, which I am doing now."

Momma believes that there is no healing that God can't do. This past summer, Momma held a class at a retreat center where a man in his early thirties who had severe cerebral palsy was lying in the back of the room on the floor. His neck was rigid, and his head and whole body were shaking. Some of the people in the class helped bring the man over to Momma. As she worked on him, she felt "little rubber bands popping all over his body." Completing the healing, she said, "Mike, I think you're losing your cerebral palsy." He couldn't talk well, but when she finished, he was no longer shaking and the people helped him to lie back down again. 

The next morning, a man came running down a hill carrying a chaise lounge and a duffle bag, and jumped in front of Momma, lovingly bellowing, "Momma!" It was Mike. With a giant, "I love you, Momma!," he continued to run down the hill, completely healed.

Says Joanne Mied in a paper on Momma's abilities, "Rev. Lucas' laying-on-of hands is as simple and direct as her life. There is no hocus pocus, no exaggerated spirituality, no pretense. [Momma teaches people how to do healings for themselves and others.] When she teaches her technique, she teaches these simple steps and when she heals, she executes these same steps.

First she begins by reciting the 23rd Psalm. Then she asks the person if she may touch them. Next she asks where they are in need of healing. She then holds the affected area, shaking out her hand occasionally. If the area is an intimate one, she holds the person's hands instead. 

She removes blocks using what she calls, the "tiger claw" method. Pretending her hand is shaped like a tiger claw, she holds her hand over the person's head about six inches away from the body, and brings the energy down from the top of the head to below the torso. 

She does this about five times with her thumbs pointed downward as she's moving the energy down the body. Then with her thumbs pointed upward, she brings the energy back up the body to the head. This process is repeated until the person reports that their pain has left and that all blockages have been removed. 

Next, she runs her hands downward three times along each side of the body, also at around six inches away, saying, "Thank you God for this beautiful healing," each time. 

Next she repeats the previous step with the words, "May all blockages and pain go up and out into the River of Forgetfulness." 

Lastly she runs her hands three times down each side of the body saying, "God bless, seal and protect," then repeats this three times as she makes the sign of the cross over the person's head.

When she places her hands on the person, she has a sensation of heat in her hands which she views as evidence that Spirit is moving and the healing is accomplished. She says, "Some people want to hold on to their pain or their illness a long time or come for more healings, because they don't believe that God can heal them in one sitting. But I'm here to tell you, "It can happen in an instant. One healing is all it takes. God is fast. Many people think it takes forever for God, but if your faith is wide open, God's healing is wide open. God doesn't do half-steps; God whole-steps."

Momma keeps her hands on the person until all pain is gone. When she removes her hands from the person, she gives thanks for the healing. She does not look for evidence of the healing before expressing gratitude. From this moment forward she speaks of the person as being well.

Momma teaches that it is the individual's responsibility to hold the healing, because a doubtful mind can quickly dissipate a healing, as will anger, fatigue and destructive self-talk. She recommends that people love themselves and be gentle with themselves. To renew the healing, people can do the tiger claw exercise on themselves, followed by gratitude for the healing.

She believes that God can remove an obstacle of virtually any kind while working through her, but what is of utmost importance is not to claim it back, because, "If you claim it back, you will receive it. But if you accept the healing, it can be permanent. I tell people to say, "Doubt, get out. Fear, stay away from here." You've got to believe and you've got to have faith."

She encourages people not to question the healing, but to just receive it and give thanks. Momma's favorite prayer of thanks is, "Thank you Heavenly Father, for what you have allowed me to go through, and for the blessing and privilege of being able now, to return it to you. Amen."

When asked if anyone can do what she does, Momma humbly replies, "By the grace of God. If God chooses you to do this work, you can do it. But I think you really have to be chosen. I'm grateful that I've been chosen, and I want to spend the rest of my life and lives, just doing this work."

As she works, Momma feels the presence of healing angels assisting her. "With God's angels working, the miracles take place." One angel with whom she is particularly bonded is called Alethia. "Alethia helps with just about all of the healings, and other angels who are experts in certain areas will come when there is a need for their particular expertise." For example, Archangel Michael, the battler, comes when she is working with people who have battles in their relationships. "He's the uncomplicator and he'll uncomplicate a situation by giving me the right words to speak."

While she works, Momma is in a light trance, which means she maintains consciousness and can hear what is coming through. At times though, she also works in a deep trance where she slips all the way out of her body, allowing an angel to completely come in. Under those circumstances, she doesn't retain the information. When the angel's work is done, it leaves, and then she comes out of the trance.

At age 68, Momma touches over a hundred people a week, yet she always seem to be full of joy, in spite of the many hours and pressing needs of the people who seek her out. She attributes this wellspring of zeal and energy to loving what she's doing. "I give God the credit for this beautiful energy and the wonderful love that comes through me. I truly love each person, and I feel a personal connection with each person I touch. I feel open and humble and willing to be a help to everyone that God blesses me to be involved with."

Neil, a young man in his twenties is forever grateful for Momma's healing abilities. Shortly after his high school graduation, on July 4, 1989, he was in a hit and run car accident involving a drunk driver. As a result, three discs in Neil's neck were ruptured and one in his lower back. Over the next four years, Neil suffered from extreme pain. During this time, he was taken for consultations with various specialists. The doctors concluded that he would have to learn to live with the pain and discomfort. In the ensuing months, he was extremely frustrated at the thought of going through life in this condition.

Neil's parents never gave up hope, and one day his mother found out about Momma's class from a family friend. This friend told Neil about Momma's healing abilities and also that she was going to be holding another class that evening. Neil was a jock, into weightlifting, surfing, etc., not the kind of guy one would expect to find attending a healing gathering, but he felt an overwhelming urge to meet this lady, and insisted his mother take him to see her. 

Neil describes his experience as follows: "I did not know what to expect. Momma explained to everyone what was going to happen and where the power was coming from (God). After working on someone, she turned to me and said, "You have a pain in your back and have come for a healing." I was totally amazed at her abilities, and when she asked me to be next, I went to sit in the chair in the middle of the room.

During the healing, the people in the room sang "Praise God" to the tune of "Amazing Grace." I fell into a meditative state, and suddenly I felt an enormous warmth and surge of energy enter from the top of my head and shoot down my spine. My skin turned completely flush over my entire body and the pain left me instantly; I was instantly healed. I said, "Thank you," to Momma, and she replied, "Don't thank me—thank God." That was four years ago, and I haven't had a pain since. I was so moved by the experience that I've decided to help Momma with her work and learn how to heal others. I share my experience with others whenever I believe it might give hope to someone else."

A few years ago, Momma, who still lives in Columbus, Ohio, worked on a doctor who had suffered from severe pain along the sciatic nerve for eight years. As she touched him, she describes that "it felt like mercury coming into my finger. I just pulled the pain out with my hand. By the time I could feel it coming up to my wrists, I shook my hands. When I looked up, tears were coming out of his eyes." As I left that evening, his limp was gone and he was no longer crippled from the pain. As a thank you, he let me work on people at his center in California, and I started coming to California on a regular basis."

Momma works entirely on a donation basis. The money she raises is used in part to provide for the nine children she has recently adopted. The children age in range from four to fifteen, including one child who is severely mentally retarded. 

Every year for about the last twenty years, Momma has also gone to the police auctions in her home town to buy bicycles, which she then gives away to all the kids in her neighborhood. This year, Momma supplied twenty-four bicycles for her newly adopted family and the kids on her block.

According to Joanne Mied, Momma has raised 1000 children without state aid. She has taken children off of the streets and given them shelter and food, clothing and love. She has also helped needy families. One particularly cold winter, she was supporting several families when heating bills were high. As she finished her description of the sixth family, and was asked exactly how many families she was supporting, her reply was, "Oh, don't count. If you count, there wouldn't be enough money."

For twenty years, Momma had a dream to create a park for the children in the inner city area across the street from where she lived, and right next door to the church she founded. She wanted to build a park because there was no place in that area for the children to play. About three years ago she was able to purchase the land, and the following year, the playground equipment was installed. She reports that the whole vibration of the area changed as a result of that park. "The drive-by shootings stopped, and the children were able to laugh and play."

Momma was able to purchase the land because of a donation made to her by a woman who was grateful for a healing she received. The woman's femur bone was disintegrating, and the doctors were going to remove it and put in a plastic one. As a result of Momma's work, the woman's leg healed and she could swim, run and walk again.

Absolutely thrilled, the woman wanted to do something special for Momma, and asked her what she might want. Momma's response was, "Nothing." And the woman said, "Yes you do. You have to want something. Everybody has a dream." So Momma decided to tell her about the park. 

Originally the land was for sale for $37,000, but after twenty years of talking to the same man, each time he had come down in price. The land was now $7,500. Momma was speechless as the woman handed her a check for the entire amount. 

Momma's new dream is to build a gym on the land as well, so that her children can be inside during the winter. "In Ohio, it can be pretty cold and the snow is usually present from September to April. The children don't have activities where they can get warm. I would love to have a gym where the children could have hot soup and sandwiches and something to drink, free every day. I want a room where the kids can study for the GED, and tutors, and a basketball and volleyball court. The land is big enough for all of this."

Momma sees the beauty in all people with whom she comes in contact and has an uncanny way of bringing out the best in each one. She believes that it is important for us to learn how to love without conditions. In Momma's words, "If you can learn to love without a condition, you will see all the beautiful people. Some people have conditions that they love you 'because'... If you can just love, and love that person's soul and spirit, then all you see is the beauty in them. And that's all you need to see—all the good that can come from them. I guess that's what I was blessed to see."

Momma further says, "Making the transition from conditional love to unconditional love is usually the result of a trauma or shock. These are actually wake-up calls from God. It's the realization of knowing that nothing else really matters. Nothing is so important that you have to put a blockage up from love." She encourages people to pray and advises anyone who has a blockage of any kind to offer it to God. "Give it back to God. Tell God to use it for someone else's positive—so that they can go on with their own happy life."


For any meeting that involves healings, channeling, or doing God's work, please show up fully conscious.

Never heal when tired, sick, depressed, mad, or anything less than happy and elated.

Never do a healing without praying first.

Be happy.

Let no one steal your joy.

Do not take credit for the healings. The heavenly Father does them through you. Give God the credit after the exercise.

Do not do healings if you are angry with anyone, or in the presence of company that you are not comfortable with.

Do not touch anyone or pray for anyone if you are in a negative state, because you will transfer that negativity into the person.

With each elevation you will be tested. If you do not pass, you will keep going through the tests until you do.

Special thanks to Joanne Mied for providing many quotes and materials.


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