Vaishali, Radio Talk Show Host


by Randy Peyser

Dannion Brinkley, Author of Saved By the Light

Dannion Brinkley, author of the international best seller, Saved by the Light, joins his wife, Near Death Experiencer, Kathryn Brinkley, as well as radio talk show personality, Vashali, who recently appeared on the "Oprah and Friends Radio Network," and Rev. Grant Schnarr, Swedenborgian expert, for a discussion at the edge of life and death…and beyond. The event takes place on March 8, 12 noon-4:00PM EST a The New Church, 114 East 35th Street, New York, NY, 10016, (202) 462-6734.

As a result of surviving three near-death experiences, including being struck by lightening, Dannion Brinkley has traveled “beyond the veil” so many times, he now qualifies for frequent flyer miles. Brinkley will not only share his extraordinary travels to the other realm, but will further explain why he has no fear of death and why no one ever dies.

Having looked death in the eye twice, Vaishali, author of You Are What You Love, will explain why we need to live life to the fullest now, as she shares the essence of eternal truth as expressed through Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sufism, as well as through some very unconventional and surprising sources, including Groucho Marx, Cheech and Chong, Jimi Hendrix, and James Dean. Calling Vaishali’s book “nothing short of brilliant," Brinkley states that “Vaishali takes the knowledge of the ages, mixes it with the clarity of a flawless diamond, and stirs in the truth of Heaven.”

Completing the lineup in the “Angels ‘R Us Fan Club,” Rev. Grant Schnarr will discuss the astounding similarities between what is reported in the current literature concerning Near Death Experiences and the afterlife, with the teachings of the 18th century mystic, Emmanuel Swedenborg, whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle called the “Father of the [Near Death] Movement.” Schnarr is the author of the forthcoming books, The Guardian Angel Diary, about a life-threatened, young girl’s interaction with an angel, as well as Beyond the Shadows, in which he reveals his personal account of having reconnected with his brother who died before he was born.

The three will answer such questions as:

• What happens when we die? Where do we go?
• Is there really a heaven?
• Is there a hell?
• What about Judgment Day?
• Will we meet our loved ones in the afterlife?
• What is the connection between Raymond Moody’s work and the Egyptian Book of the Dead?
• Who or what is God?
• What is real and what is folklore?
• How do I get over the fear of death?

“Death is the most exciting adventure that can happen to a human being,” says Vaishali. “We intend to help people understand what happens so they can approach their death experience with fearlessness and self-confidence.” Participants are invited to bring their most burning questions concerning their life’s journey and what lies ahead.



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