An Interview with Masuro Emoto

by Randy Peyser

As featured in the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know," scientific researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has gained international notoriety for his groundbreaking work regarding the effect of words and feelings on water. His newest book, "Hidden Messages from Water," features stunning photographs of water crystals that resulted when water was exposed to specific words. Although this interview occurred just prior to the tsunami, which has left much grief and devastation in its path, Dr. Emoto additionally offers his thoughts about this natural catastrophe, and makes a request of the reader.

Randy Peyser: You discovered that crystals formed in frozen water change when specific thoughts are directed toward them. For example, when water is frozen after being exposed to loving words, such as 'truth' or 'love,' the end result is a crystal with a snowflake pattern that is complex in nature and quite brilliant. However, if water is exposed to a negative thought, you discovered that it will form an incomplete pattern or have no distinguishable pattern at all. What do think is going on here?

Masaru Emoto: Water is a messenger of God.

RP: What is the message that God is wanting to tell us?

ME: Everything comes from a vibration. As the bible says, "In the beginning there was the Word…" The words are our heart, and from this heart the whole universe is made. God made water from this heart, which is based on goodness, truth and beauty.

RP: How did you set up your experiments?

ME: I have a staff of six people. We typed words on pieces of paper then wrapped them around bottles of water and put them in a freezer that was -5 degrees centigrade (23 degrees Fahrenheit). When it was frozen, we looked at the water specimens under special microscopes to see if there would be any difference. We discovered that words like "beauty," "you're cute," "thank you" and "wisdom," created beautiful crystals in the water. But words like "you fool!' and "you make me sick; I will kill you!" produced incomplete crystals or no crystals at all.

RP: Have you found that words in certain languages have a stronger affect on the formation of the crystals than words in other languages?

ME: No. Regardless of the language being spoken, the words will affect the formation of the crystals. Water produces formations based on circumstances, not because of a specific language. For example, if a circumstance is good, the water will make a formation to reflect goodness and beauty, and if a circumstance is evil, it will create a formation that is ugly and evil-looking.

RP: Is there a difference in the formation of crystals when beautiful music is played versus when discordant music is played?

ME: Yes. Anything that is of beauty, whether it be in the form of music or words, produces a beautiful result. Anything that is negative or discordant, such as heavy metal music or a negative phrase, such as "I hate you," will not form a recognizable crystal. Instead, an ugly image will result.

RP: Have you ever experimented with cell phones or microwaves? I'm wondering if those kinds of things or other electrical appliances have an effect on the crystal structures.

ME: We took the words, "love and gratitude" and wrapped them around various bottles of water which were placed near mobile phones, computers, televisions and microwave ovens. What we found is that when water is microwaved it produces an ugly ring that looks similar to the structure we've found for the word, "satan." The water placed next to the computers and televisions produced an insignificant-looking, blurry-edged ring, while the water placed near the mobile phones wouldn't produce a crystal at all.

RP: Have you done any similar experiments using food?

ME: Actually, a family who followed my work did an experiment where they cooked some rice and divided it into two glass jars. Every day, both the parents and the children spoke to the rice and said, "Thank you," to one of the jars, and said "You fool!" to the other. At the end of the month they opened the jars. The one that they had said 'thank you' to had a slightly fermented smell, but the jar that had been shouted at had turned completely black and rotted.

RP: How long does it take to energize water?

ME: It depends if the water is exposed to music, words or praying, since each of these requires a different length of time. For example, when music is played for water, the water can be energized in about a half hour. If words or language are used, then it takes 24 hours to energize the water. Praying produces a beautiful pattern that is almost immediate.

RP: That is an interesting observation. Since water is so responsive to prayer, can prayer be used to help water that is polluted?

ME: Yes. Lake Biwa is in a part of Japan called Shiga. This lake was badly polluted and the water was foul smelling and dirty. Every summer, the surface of the lake would be covered with a species of aquatic plant called, Kokanada Algae, which would putrify, creating a very bad smelling odor. For twenty years in a row, there was a large scale operation in place to remove all of it. However, one summer, the aquatic plant hardly emerged at all. Nobody could explain why the Kokonada had failed to return.

What they didn't know was that I led a group of 350 people to that lake to pray for it and to pray for world peace as well. We assembled by the shore and faced the surface of the water as the rising sun came up. Then we chanted ten times: "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony."

This chant is a powerful statement that not only can help water, but can also help actualize world peace. By vocalizing this declaration, which is infused with the eternal energy of the universe, it spreads to surrounding things and penetrates them, resulting in greater happiness, world peace, and the fulfillment of many wishes.

RP: What do you conclude from this experiment?

ME: Substances in nature, like water, respond to our human thoughts. They can accept our thoughts to change their condition and quality. By requesting harmony in our thoughts, we transformed the surface of the lake into a clean state. Our thoughts not only curbed the very bad smelling aquatic plant, but also changed the qualities of the grasses and the water.

RP: Do the prayers of certain individuals affect the crystal shapes of water more than others? For example, will the prayers of a monk affect the shapes of the crystals more than the prayers of an ordinary person?

ME: It depends on each individual, however, it is not necessarily dependent on whether one is a high-ranking monk or preacher. It works best when people are pure, when they have what I call, "a very good mind;" they're pure-minded. Their prayers create crystals that are very beautiful and clear. In general, the most beautiful crystals appear in response to the prayers of little children. The crystals that form as a result of their prayers are much more beautiful than that of the adults.

RP: Why do you think that is so?

ME: Because they are more pure. They are the most innocent.

RP: Have you ever put negative words on water, then exposed the same water to positive words?

ME: Yes. The result was that the water changed according to the words it was exposed to. When it was given negative words, it did not form crystals. When it was given positive words it changed and beautiful crystals formed. The words "love" and "thanks" produced the best results. There was also a similar response when water was exposed to the television. When the water was shown a wholesome film, the crystals became more distinct and beautiful.

RP: What do you intend to do next? Are you researching something new right now?

ME: I have many research themes going on right now, but I am most concerned about all of the wars that are going on for religious reasons. Whether the wars are between the Irish and English or happening in the middle East or Africa, I am analyzing all of this and hope to help conclude all these things eventually through the use of the water crystal formations.

RP: Over one million people have seen the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" which features the work of many experts in the field of quantum physics, including your work with the water crystals. How has this movie made a difference for you since it premiered?

ME: About three years ago, I was approached by Will Arntz who was producing this movie about quantum physics. My work matched their need so they decided to include information about the water crystals in their movie. A Japanese version of the movie was also created and Will came to Japan for its release. 3500 people attended the premiere. As a result of the movie, more and more people have learned about my work and my research has become well-known throughout the world.

RP: At one point in the movie, the main character is shown your research and discovers that water responds to words. A stranger walks up to her and says something to the effect of, "If our thoughts can change water, what are they doing to us?

ME: We are mostly made up of water. All our feelings and thoughts have an effect on the world. If we send out thoughts and feelings that are filled with fear, anger or negativity, we are contributing to the destruction of the universe. If we emit thoughts of love, kindness and beauty, we are contributing to the creation of a beautiful world. This is what water crystals reveal.

RP: You believe that the words, "love and gratitude" form the most beautiful and most complex crystals, and you conclude that love and gratitude are the strongest vibrations in the world. You also believe that gratitude outweighs love in its ability to create a pattern of beauty in a crystal. Can you talk about that?

ME: Love and gratitude are in relationship to one another; love is active and gratitude is passive. It is like a ratio where "love" is 1 and "gratitude" is 2. This one to two ratio is like H20 where you have two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. In this case, it is like having two parts gratitude to one part love. I believe that water has a message. Water teaches us that the world is linked together by love and gratitude.

RP: You established a new foundation called "The Water of Life Foundation." Why did you start this organization and what is its purpose?

ME: I've studied water for a number of years and I want to reach a worldwide audience and get the message out about this research. Last year, I joined with the United Nations to help further this research together. I have also started a "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water" which is July 25. RP: And what is the message behind the research?

ME: We all have an important mission: to make water clean again, and to create a world that is easy and healthy to live in. In order to accomplish our mission, we must first make sure that our hearts are clear and unpolluted.

Although this interview had come to an end, within a few weeks, the devastating tsunami occurred. In response to this horrible catastrophe, Dr. Emoto requests the following:

"To everyone in the world, let us offer a prayer of love to the Indian Ocean rim countries! I feel terribly sorry for the loss that has been caused by the biggest catastrophe from a tsunami in history. I am utterly lost for words to offer for the deceased and their families. I just pray to God that their souls shall rest in peace. The World Health Organization has released a warning for the possible emergence of epidemics, such as cholera. Many people could die from infectious diseases as were killed by the tsunami.

As a Hado (vibration) researcher, I am truly worried about this disaster. As well as the hygiene issue, I feel that the "vibrational fields" of the countries have extremely deteriorated. The "fields," which are created by feelings of fear, grief, worry, lack of trust, anger, loneliness, and helplessness, could energize the malevolent microorganisms that prefer this kind of environment. People cannot help but have these feelings, and their feelings of anger and hostility can only multiply the negativity of the "field." We have to limit the negative "field" in any way possible.

What can we do? The only way is for people from all over the world to pray for the recovery of the affected area. Our prayers will definitely carry far with the purity of our Hado. Therefore, from today, let's close our eyes for a few seconds before our meals and send words of prayer to the countries. Let's send a prayer for them before we go to sleep.

Through the research of the water crystal over the last ten years, I have proven that people's pure energy of consciousness can change the water in areas that people have prayed for, regardless of the distance. Also, the most effective Hado prayer is the feeling of love and thanks. Now is the time to send your feeling of love and thanks to the earth's water.

Please forward this message to everyone you know." - Masaru Emoto, www.hado.net.


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