Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness NOW!

by Randy Peyser

As featured in the movie: "EAT, PRAY, LOVE" with Julia Roberts

What do you do when your money trickles slower than an intravenous drip?

Your relationship has more red flags than a 4th of July parade?

Your job disappears?

Or the crises in your life start multiplying faster than rabbits?

Alert! Crappy to Happy will not give you whiter teeth! But it will help you to learn how to manage life’s challenges and heal your relationships in ways that you probably never thought of.

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At forty, author Randy Peyser went splat on the pavement of life. Her long time dream job disappeared and her significant other decided to become "insignificant". With nothing more than a dwindling bank account and a rusty old car with more holes than a golf course, Randy changed the course of her life and learned what it takes to be happy. Not only did Randy find what it takes to be happy, but she guarantees that you can find it, too (or your crappy life back)!

Randy is the owner of Author One Stop www.AuthorOneStop.com, a publishing consulting firm that edits books and helps people find literary agents and publishers. Her other books and information products include: The Power of Miracle Thinking www.MiracleThinking.com, The Write-a-Book Program, http://www.authoronestop.com/writebook.htm, The Internet Publicity Directory, and The Mind, Body, Spirit Speaker's Guide.

Randy is featured in: Visionary Women Inspiring the World, Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters, Dojo Wisdom for Writers, and Book Marketing from A-Z. Her work appears in Healing the Heart of the World (IPPY Award Winner), and The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (National Book Award).

Randy is also the creator of "Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters: A One-Woman Show EXCEPT for the Other People."



Practicing a Random Act of Chutzpah

... or is it a Randy Act of Chutzpah?


Here are some shorts to give you an idea of the kind of things you'll find within the pages of Crappy to Happy.

When crisis calls, don’t accept the charges!

Give up the notion of having perfect hair or the perfect body. There are only five people on the planet at any given time who have perfect hair or the perfect body, and chances are, you and I are not one of them.

Learn your PSP, your “parent saturation point,” (and lovingly make your exit when you’ve reached it!)

There are no mistakes...only other opportunities to look really foolish! You may not ever do or say things perfectly. That doesn't mean there's an out-of-order sign on your head. We try to be perfect, but what we forget is, we are already perfectly ourselves.

Murphy's in cahoots with God. Situations which produce our greatest fears arise so we can free ourselves. Because wherever we hold fear, energy doesn't flow. That's why the one person who's afraid of fish bones, (me), winds up with the only piece of fish with tiny bones in it. And that's also why the only person who can't swim, (again, me), gets caught in a whirlpool and has to be pulled out by a pregnant life guard. Thanks loads, Murphy.

Sometimes when you think you've failed, you've actually graduated. If you've given it all you've got and things don't work out your way, you have not failed. There were reasons for the experience regardless of the end result. Perhaps you learned the lessons you were supposed to learn and this is the Universe's way of telling you, "Now it's time to move on; you've got a brand new degree to earn somewhere else."

Why do they call it a "dark night of the soul" when it's never one night? Shouldn't they be honest and call it a "dark year-and-a-half of the soul"?



Randy Peyser


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Crappy to Happy Featured in Eat, Pray, Love Movie

Aromas, CA...Randy Peyser, the author of Crappy to Happy, discovered her book has been featured in the new blockbuster movie, Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts.

"I almost fell out of my chair," said Peyser, when she saw her book featured on the big screen within the first 15 minutes of the show. Peyser, who is a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, had no idea Crappy to Happy was going to be used in Eat, Pray, Love.

Some years ago, Peyser gained notoriety at a popular Mill Valley, CA freeway exit for holding up a giant cardboard sign which read, "Author Seeks Publisher" when she was first looking for a publisher for Crappy to Happy. That stunt led to her job as Editor-in-Chief of a national magazine. Crappy to Happy was eventually picked up by a publisher and had a five year run before it went out of print.

Crappy to Happy offers a humorous, yet deeply inspiring, selection of personal stories about how to create true happiness in spite of countless opportunities to go "splat on the pavement of life". Literary agent, Terrie Wolf, of AKA Literary, is quickly working on finding a new publisher to bring the book back into print and is currently offering an ebook version of Crappy to Happy.

Says Dr. Gerald G. Jampolsky, the founder of the Center for Attitudinal Healing and the author of Love is Letting Go of Fear and Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All, "Randy Peyser's new book is a delightful read and is uplifting, filled with honesty, vulnerability and humor."

Crappy to Happy teaches readers to be true to themselves, manage life's challenges, heal relationships, and more. Peyser demonstrates how to triumph over obstacles, let go of the inner censor, take risks, transform from victim to victor, cultivate personal integrity, activate one's inner reservoir of silliness, and be courageous and outrageous. Each chapter ends with four valuable clues on how to access a "Happier NOW" right now.

Randy Peyser is the owner of AuthorOneStop.com, a national publishing consulting firm helping people to find literary agents and publishers. She is also the author of The Power of Miracle Thinking and The Write-a-Book Program. In addition, she performs a one woman show called, "Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters: A One-Woman Show EXCEPT for the Other People," in which she finds herself arrested by the "Thought Police" for being a prisoner of her thoughts, spins "The Wheel of Faulting," and dances the "Chakra-Chanting-Cha-Cha."


What People Are Saying About Crappy to Happy

"I was having a low self esteem day when I picked up this book. I laughed so much once I started to read it I felt a whole lot better by the time I put it down. I have used some of your ideas too. Anyone who reads your book will have a whole new perspective on life and on being happy by the time they put it down. I have told several friends about your book." -- Caterina Rando, author of "Learn to Power Think"

" I just wanted to write you and thank you for writing "Crappy To Happy". It has become one of my favorite books in the entire world. It makes me feel comforted and inspired. I applaud your courage. I am grateful that your book came into my life. Now, if I can only be so brave as to act on my feelings as you put out there to do in your book. Thank you thank you a million times. GO GIRL!! - Nani S., a reader

"This book is quite a scream! Endorsed by everyone from Gerald Jampolsky, Arielle Ford and Swami Beyondananda, Peyser (former Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst Magazine) has brought 158 on-target, yet hysterical pearls of wisdom, to all of us who have been thinking our way into misery. With true accounts from her own amazingly interesting and sometimes quasi non-conventional life, Peyser weeds out the "crap" and finds the pot of gold we are all striving for, yet rarely attain. Where does she find it? Sometimes at the end of the rainbow and sometimes in the middle of a car fix-it garage - she finds it everywhere she chooses to and that's the point. As soon as we focus on the good around us we will be more grateful, happy people, and when we choose to focus on the sh-t, then sh-t happens! This book should be required reading for every high school graduate as a manual for how to do life. You will find within these pages simple wisdom at its finest, and get a laugh or two while you're at it. It's the book I wish I would have written first! Well done, Randy!" -- Dr. Maryel McKinnley, Awareness Magazine

"Life is at times messy, difficult and depressing. Randy Peyser offers us something we all need - a light-hearted spiritual approach to navigating the rough patches with grace and humor." -- Arielle Ford, author of Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover's Soul

"Randy Peyser's new book is a delightful read and is uplifting, filled with honesty, vulnerability and humor." -- Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love is Letting Go of Fear

"Taking a spunky approach to self-help, Randy Peyser, the former editor-in-chief of the New Age magazine, Catalyst, has written "Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness Now." Using humor, parables and personal anecdotes, Peyser explains how readers can learn to be true to themselves, develop spirituality in their lives and cultivate personal integrity. Her advice is straightforward and jargon-free, and her emphasis is on the present. "Asking for support doesn't mean you're a wimp," she says. "Get all the support you need. Those with a sense of humor -- or those in need of one -- will relish Peyser's quirky book." -- "Publisher's Weekly"

"I just want to thank you for possibly saving my life. I have been depressed for so long. A couple of weeks ago I picked up your book at the local book store. I began reading it right away. I couldn't believe how so much of it has touched my life. I began practicing some of your points, with great success!! I am so excited about my life now. What really interested me is your faith in God. The fact that you threw in humor also caught my eye. I am about half way through the book. I am going slow, its like savoring that dip of double-dutch chocolate ice cream. You go slow so you can make it last. Thank you, Randy." -- Deb, a reader

"A remarkably useful book for all of us - charming, insightful and most of all inspiring in it's approach to creating a happier life from within." -- Greg Hicks, co-author of the L.A. Times' Best Seller, How We Choose to Be Happy

"Randy's book will have you chuckling till the sacred cows come home." -- Steve Bhaerman a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda, author of Duck Soup for the Soul: The Way of Living Louder and Laughing Longer

"Not only does your book fly, it soars on the wings of truth and a giggle. Thanks for playing so big and for bringing the much needed humor to the game!!!!!!!!" -- Matt Garrigan, Reverend

"I absolutely love your book. You have a great mix of honesty and humor. Your authenticity radiates through your work and makes you oh, so lovable!!" -- Michelle, a reader

"I just wanted to honor you for writing such an awesome book! I love it, in fact I'm going to read it again. Everytime I read it, I instantly feel revived, happy, and inspired. I've bought three books for my family members and will continue to recommend it. I had been looking for a good motivational book for the past two years, and I could never find one that I could either understand or could stay awake to read the next page. Thank you so much, you have helped me in more ways than you will probably ever know." -- Kerry, a reader

"I LOVED your book. I felt such a connection with you by virtue of your transparency and your metaphysics. And I LOVE your humor--laughed out loud in places. Thanks for the inspiration and the chortles, and thanks for being you and for sharing your experiences and insights in such a delightful way." -- Karen, a reader

"I am reading your book and enjoying it very much!!! I love your down-to-earthiness!!! You are an author that people can "connect" with and not someone writing from a throne-in-the-sky!" -- Anne Hollingworth

"I am SO appreciating your funny, inspiring book. I'm trying to read it slowly because I don't want it to end, but I'm almost finished. (Yup, still laughing and crying all the way through). Luckily it's the kind of book you can pick up again and again and see something you didn't notice the first time, or just read all the way through again. I have been telling all my friends to get it." -- Julie, a reader

Greenwich Village Gazette Review: "SELF - HELP TO LAUGH ABOUT (In A Good Sense). I had been so reluctant to pick up "Crappy To Happy" ever since it was sent to me. I mean, did I need to read another book about "steps into success" that would do nothing but bridge the gap in my daily commute? However, the book kept staring at me begging to be opened, so I thought I'd give it a try - and, it turns out, it was worthwhile.

The first impression you get is that this one is not your usual self-help book. To begin with, the author does not try to say that her own life is a success story - she claims to be as broke as the next person, and her love life doesn't exactly seem to be above par, but she seems to be content with the everyday happy moments most of us take for granted but somehow seem not to notice as our lives go along. "Crappy To Happy" is basically a collection of anecdotes from the author's personal life with suggestions, at the end of each story, to "Steps to Happiness Now" which have little to do with financial success, but simply to refrain from what she would consider excessive worrying.

In one of my favorite moments, Peyser jokes (as she goes about telling us about her need to conclude this very book) about the psychology books that promise immediate financial success("golden sheckels") to their readers as long as they (the readers) do "what they love": "Either those books are right and these authors are deservedly experiencing his flowing of golden sheckels upon their beings, or those overly enthusiastic, motivated , you-can-do-it-too types are wrong. In which case they're still getting their golden sheckels, so they're happy either way".

"Crappy To Happy" is essentially a book of personal reflections that has its emotional and witty moments - think of it as if you were reading a letter from a favorite aunt you might care dearly about - and if the advice doesn't work for you, at least you'll have a few laughs as you go through its pages." -- Ernest Barteldes, Reviewer, Greenwich Village Gazette, NY

"The book is great! Such good advice and information and a funny read on top of it all. So many spiritual and uplifting books are also deadly serious - I like the light tone, but its wonderful that it still packs a punch at the same time. I am going to re-read it." -- Joanna, a reader

"Happy Happy Happy to have found this book. I literally have not put this book down since I got it! I'm taking it with me everywhere -- just to have the opportunity to get another laugh, insight, inpsiration throughout the day. Randy is inspiring w/o being sappy -- funny w/o being sarcastic -genuine, brilliant. What can I say? I love this book and if you've ever felt the slightest bit bad, you will love this book, too!" -- Susan, a reader

"I'm drawn to honesty and this book is one of the most authentic reads I've had in a while. I laughed, I wept, and I learned. Whether using her own style of swift and discerning humor, or laying bare her own vulnerability, Randy gives us a treasure of a book that enlightens and inspires. She offers tips for emotional honesty (how to "notice and report"), and encourages us to take a deeper look as we journey toward a rich and rewarding life. "Crappy to Happy" is witty, deeply moving, and a total joy to read! -- Pamela, a reader

"I loved your book. You bring out deep spiritual truth without hitting people over the head with it." -- Sharon, a reader

"I love your book, "Crappy to Happy." It really has kept me inspired over the past few months. Keep up the good work! -- Alaina, a reader

"I giggled and laughed my way thru your book. I didnt want to put it down. I finished it in about 3-4 hours. My life blows, like just about everyone else's, and this book was given to me from a friend of my Mother's whom I've never met. I am so thankful for angels on this earth. They truly are everywhere, aren't they? You are one yourself, for caring enough about all of us struggling souls out there to write a book with great insight and much, much humor.

You took my mind off of everything that is on it whenever I had the book in my hands. Thank you sooooo much. It was a great respite. I believe the blood, sweat and turning down jobs that you did because you knew in your heart that this book needed to be written, was all well worth it for you.

And your Gramma --- THANK YOU for sharing her thoughts on how to live. "God will never disappoint you. Just smile. Don't worry." Tears, babe. Big time. Because she was so right. I really needed that reminder." - Nanci, a reader

"Your book is the funniest, most interesting piece I have picked up in a while! I'm almost done with it-- it's like saving that last piece of chocolate cake--and I just want to thank you for writing it! You are a wonderful, gifted writer! - Jill, a reader

"I loved your book. I couldn't put it down. Now my husband is flying through your book and he is laughing all the way." - Linda, a reader

Randy, you are "real" in your speaking, writing and facilitating. You share your experiences with humor and grace. I've told so many people, "Crappy to Happy" is like talking on the phone to a good friend. We tithe to people who are Sourcing our spiritual nourishment, and you definitely qualify. Thank you for all you give." - Patty Lemon, speaker coordinator, Gavilan Hills Church, San Martin, CA.

"Hi Randy, I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your book today. I started yesterday (It was GREAT!!). I am a 29 yr. old, single mother of two sons (ages 9 and 6). I work hard everyday to support them (on my own), so I can relate to the shortage of money piece. HA!! I called on those Collection Angels tonight. :) Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I am glad that there is someone else out there that I can relate to (Our witty ways are very similar). I laughed often while reading your book. :) As to not ramble on, I wish you much success with your future. I can't begin to tell you the last time I actually read an entire book (that kept my interest) over the course of a weekend. GREAT JOB!!" - Felicia, a reader



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