Hand Painted Silk Scarves $50

by Randy Peyser


Each handpainted scarf is elegant, exquisite, and unique. No two scarves are ever the same. Using imported French dyes, these 11"x60" scarves are available in a wide variety of colors.

Choose your colors from below, and I will customize a scarf for you, or choose from the above scarves, and I will make one similar. If you want a scarf to go with a specific outfit, I can do that as well.

Please note, it's a little hard to see the exact color, or intricacies of the scarves, over the Web. The two samples on the far left (above) go with all of the earth tones - including taupe, olive, beige, avocado, sienna, brown, or gold.

To place your order, please answer these four questions:

1. Colors: Earth Tones, Olive, Brown, Purple, Teal Blue, Raspberry, Kelly Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Gold? If you desire another color, I will do my best to create it.

2. Gold Metallic overlay? The scarf (third from the left above), has a random, metallic gold overlay. Metallic gold can be added to any scarf.

3. Pattern: Long vertical stripe, diagonal stripe, random or solid? The scarves above will give you an idea of each of these.

4. Habotai (more pastel)? or Crepe de Chine (for more intense color)?

If all this sounds too complicated, just email me and say, "Would you please make me a scarf?"

***Please email your order to Randy, then send payment by check to: Randy Peyser, P. O. Box 151, Aromas, CA 95004. Tax and shipping: Add $5.



by Randy Peyser

Exceptionally high quality, digitally reproduced prints of Randy's whimsical silk art wall hangings are available to add joy and color to any living environment!


This marvelous elf-like being has his arms open wide to remind you to live your life to the fullest. He's an inspiring and spritely character, who stands upon a heart-shaped world, while inviting you to spread your wings and fly!

  • Framed $150
  • Matted only $100
  • 21x21- (Image size 16x16)
  • Supersized! Image 44"x44" $1500



Love Town is the place we all want to come home to, where we feel warm and accepted, loved and cherished. Love Town reminds us that we do not exist alone. Beyond the confines of our lovely little domiciles, we are all part of a larger community. In Love Town, our community holds us; we always feel safe and secure.

  • Framed $150
  • Matted only $100
  • 21x21- (Image size 16x16)



The sun setting in the Southwest casts a golden light over the houses and hills on the mesa. The colors glow so golden, that you are at once, mesmerized and transported, as if the only thing that matters in life is this dazzling display of brilliance.

  • Framed $120
  • Matted only $100
  • Image size 8x20



Life is a sea, a beautiful golden sea in which movement and energy peak and crash with each wave. Energy ebbs and energy flows. What we want comes, and what we want goes. In this golden sea, we learn to flow with the coming of the tides as we dive into the ever-changing landscape of our beings.

  • Framed $300
  • Matted only $125
  • 22x28 - (Image size 16x20)

Each hand-signed piece is printed on archivable, acid-free, coated paper and guaranteed to hold its beautiful color for over 100 years when placed under UV glass.

Shipping: $10 if framed, $5 if matted only; California residents must pay sales tax.

To order, use PayPal or please send a check to: Randy Peyser, P. O. Box 151, Aromas, CA 95004.

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