Comic Intervention for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters

Randy Peyser believes that from adversity comes comedy. Therefore, our relationships, our abundance or lack thereof, our dreams, our quests to "get it right - whatever "it" is, our desire for success, and our relationship to the Divine, as well as much more, are all grist for her comic mill. In what she calls, "Comic Intervention," Randy sprinkles wisdom throughout her talks, while cleverly spoofing all of the beliefs and techniques she has learned along the way.

Sample pieces include:

In the Beginning
- In which Randy incarnates, saves the world and teaches geese how to migrate

God is a Potato
- In which Randy explains why french fries are an abomination of the likeness of the Lord

The Chakra Chanting Cha-Cha
- In which Randy demonstrates operating instructions for advanced souls

The Scroll of the Wiser Peyser (pronounced Pizer)
- In which Randy is arrested for being a prisoner of her thoughts,
then discovers her own sense of innate wisdom to break free

A Fashion Show for Attitudinal Make-Overs
- In which struggling, closet visionaries undergo drastic shifts in perception

God's Little Ego Deflation Devices
- In which God teaches Randy what happens when one's ego grows larger than one's head

The Wheel of Faulting
- In which the audience gets to chuck all sense of self-responsibility and blame others
for their problems

Am I Poor or is this God's Way of Saying It's Okay for me to Eat Cat Food?
- In which Randy discovers that while being true to herself, the only thing left in her
refrigerator is the box of baking soda

Practice Random Acts of Chutzpah
- In which Randy shares bold and comical, real life adventures of risk taking
while pursuing her dreams

Much of her material is interactive and participatory.

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Randy also sometimes incorporates
guitar and exotic tribal drums
into her talks. People appear to be
genuinely moved when she plays. Many times, people cry. She hopes this
is because they are touched by her songs, and not because her singing is that bad.

Randy can adapt any of her material or create new material based on the theme
of your conference, tv show, radio show, church service, ritual, festival, party, cruise, etc.

She is available for anything from a five minute stint to a full-length appearance.


"I loved your performance. You were yourself,
not playing any form of role. This is rare even in real life.

Everything you did was totally unexpected,
unique, like nothing I've ever seen before.
My very active creative side was richly satisfied.

Everything you did was profoundly true and real.
At times it touched in so deep I could feel myself get a little
uncomfortable, like being really seen/known.

I laughed and laughed. I don't laugh easily when watching comedians.

You involved the audience in wondrous ways.
I never lost interest, wondering what you would dream up next." -- Acrisa L.

"You're awesome!" -- Linda V.

"You are so talented. How do you come up with all this stuff? It's so funny." -- Chris M.

"You're a natural!" -- Andrea G.

"You are a magnificent creative being, filled with flowing ideas and ways
to move mountains. Keep working your magic so we can all benefit."
-- Grace T.

"I enjoyed your comic intervention talk in Monterey. You do such a great job with your props, delivery, and you are so relaxed in front of the audience." -- Jim T.

"I thought she was GREAT - a friend recommended the book which I really enjoyed. We then went to Randy's show - she was so funny that we laughed so hard - we cried. It was a very comfortable location and entertainment at it's best. You can't beat the price and will leave feeling Happy instead of Crappy." -- GB


 © Copyright 2002 Randy Peyser.  All Rights Reserved