Crappy to Happy

Small Steps to Big Happiness NOW!!!

Press Release

Publication Date: May 2002,
Contact: Chris Wold 617-542-1324, Red Wheel / Weiser
ISBN: 1-59003-025-7
Price: $12.95 paperback

Ecstatic Author Announces New Book

Petaluma, CA÷Randy Peyser, the mistress of "comic intervention," announces "Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness NOW!" published by Red Wheel/Weiser .

The freelance writer who gained notoriety at a popular Mill Valley, CA meridian one day at rush hour by holding up a giant cardboard sign which read, "Author Seeks Publisher," offers a humorous, yet deeply inspiring selection of personal stories about how she has gone about creating true happiness in spite of countless opportunities to go splat on the pavement of life.

Says Dr. Gerald G. Jampolsky, the founder of the Center for Attitudinal Healing and the author of numerous books including, Love is Letting Go of Fear, and Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All, "Randy Peyser's new book is a delightful read and is uplifting, filled with honesty, vulnerability and humor."

Arranged in five parts, Crappy to Happy teaches readers to be true to themselves, manage life's challenges, heal relationships, develop a spiritual life, and give to others. Peyser demonstrates how to triumph over obstacles, let go of the inner censor, take risks, transform from victim to victor, cultivate personal integrity, activate one's inner reservoir of silliness, and be courageous and outrageous. Each chapter ends with four valuable clues on how to access a "happier Now," right now.

Randy Peyser is the former editor-in-chief of a national new-age magazine called "Catalyst," as well as a Bay Area magazine called, "Heart Dance." She performs a one woman show called, "Crappy to Happy: Humor and Inspiration for Closet Visionaries and Almost-Manifesters," in which she finds herself arrested by the "Thought Police" for being a prisoner of her thoughts, spins "The Wheel of Faulting," and dances the "Chakra-Chanting-Cha-Cha." This is Peyser's first book.


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