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The phone rang. From a thousand miles away, Belinda Farrell could hear the panic in the caller's voice. "Belinda, you don't know me, but a friend told me about you. My girlfriend is on a suicide watch. I don't know what to do. Can you help?"

Using an ancient Hawaiian healing art called, "Huna," Farrell, a certified hypnotherapist, proceeded to guide the distraught woman through a process of first, uncovering, then healing, the root cause of her pain. Two hours later, as the alarm came to an end, Farrell heard the words which would make any therapist breathe a sigh of relief: "I feel as though I've gotten my life back. Thank you."

Through the practice of Huna, Farrell has helped countless individuals, from housewives to business executives, find their true passion, clarify their life's purpose, heal relationships, free themselves from their past, and realize their dreams.

"Huna means 'secret'," says Farrell. "When the missionaries came to Hawaii, they wiped out this ancient tradition and killed many Kahunas, the masters of these secrets." According to Farrell, these secrets, which refer to ancient wisdom and healing techniques, were hidden in Hawaiian chants and in the hula. "They have to do with learning how to connect to your own spirit," says Farrell. "They help you to become a powerful, creative force of energy, of divine love."

The purpose of Huna is to clear out the darkness from one's being, to move out the 'noa,' as the Hawaiians call it, and to bring down the 'noho', the light which comes in from the heaven," says Farrell. She explains how one initially draws this darkness to themselves.

"Whenever one forms an attachment to a person, thought or thing, long string-like cords are formed between them and the object of their attachment. These cords are made up of a sticky, etheric substance which the Hawaiians call, 'aka.' When you have an emotion in which you are strongly invested, it sticks to you. This emotion will literally wrap itself around the love you have inside of yourself."

"If the attachment is unhealthy and keeps being reinforced," continues Farrell, "one can create a huge mass of darkness wrapping around their light. For example, if you touch a table, you are making an 'aka' connection. However, since you don't have an emotional attachment to a table, the cord will dissipate over time. If, on the other hand, you are in a relationship where you feel you must be with this person or won't survive, then a cord connection will build."

In order for a person to be healthy and happy, negative cords must be severed. "If one doesn't know how to cut these cords, they will continue to build in the body, until the person feels very heavy. People often talk about the blocks they feel inside of themselves," says Farrell. "People feel these blocks because all the cords have built up inside of them over thousands of years and no one ever taught them how to cut them."

According to Farrell, the first step in cutting a cord involves the individual's willingness to do so. "Nothing can interfere with your free will, not angels nor God, no one," says Farrell. "You have to choose."

Once an individual has chosen, Farrell then guides the person through a process whereby they are up high on a platform, looking down upon a stage. Starting with one's parents, the individual then invites anyone with whom he or she has an agenda with onto the stage.

Each 'guest' on the stage is asked the question, "Do you support this individual in his or her connection and experience of being with his or her Higher Self?" If the response is, "yes," the person is given a hug and let go. If the answer is, "no," they are left on the stage. "You are going to be gathering a lot of people on the stage, from ancestors, to ex'es, to friends, to bosses, to authority figures, anyone with whom you have an agenda which is not resolved," says Farrell.

The next step involves asking one's Higher Self to come down through the top of one's head and send light to the people on the stage. "Each of them has a Higher Self too," says Farrell. "When you look at them from a higher level, you are saying, 'I am raising my vibrations into my heart. I have better things to do with my time and energy. I have more things I want to create. I can't give my energy to new ideas if keep investing in this'."

The willingness to let go of the past and forgive is key. "When you hang on to the past, says Farrell, "you are dragging every relationship you've ever had with you. It's like tying two thousand corpses to your waist or your neck and lugging them with you wherever you go. When you are able to finally say, 'I forgive you,' you are really forgiving yourself. You are forgiving yourself for holding on to a perception which no longer serves you. In this process, you then hear them say back to you, 'I forgive you, too'."

Next, one takes a cutting instrument, and spinning the blade around themselves counterclockwise, watches as the people float away. "Cutting a negative cord should always be done counterclockwise," warns Farrell. The leftover cords are then tucked back inside oneself.

"This process literally frees you from any control or thoughts you have that a relationship has to be a particular way," says Farrell. "When one let's go, those who have been set free can evolve to their next highest level. By doing this process, you allow them to figure out what they need to figure out on their own, so when you come back together, you are on a higher level with these people to deal with the issues the two of you have."

Farrell offers a powerful example from her own life. Eight years ago, while immersed in the study of Huna on the shores of the big island of Hawaii, Farrell received a call from her eighteen-year-old daughter back on the mainland. "Mom, this is the stupidest thing you've ever done." Ranting on and on, the daughter clearly disapproved of her mother's choices.

Upon putting the phone down, Farrell put her dearly loved daughter upon the stage. Says Farrell, "I sent down light from the Higher Self to her, then I offered forgiveness, cut the cords and saw her float away." As she watched her daughter float away, Farrell admits to having felt shaky. An hour later, her phone rang once again. It was her daughter. "Mom, I feel so disconnected from you. I'm sorry for what I said and I want you to know I really love you."

"The whole situation had flipped," says Farrell, "and all I had done from thousands of miles away, was this process." "Each time you cut cords, it releases the energy of the lower level and it gets you to a higher level," says Farrell. "It serves everyone when you learn how to do this. You will get telephone calls, or find people coming in from the past to clear with you because they want to clear, too. They can't move ahead if they're attached to your energy as well."

Farrell encourages individuals to put themselves on the stage, do the forgiveness work and cut negative cords on a daily basis. "Judgments and fears pop up in our day to day lives, and as they do, negative cords begin to wrap around one's life force once again," says Farrell. "When you feel depleted, it means you are investing in something which is not serving you. You are creating cords inside yourself." Situations which cause one to lose energy include any circumstance where the thought or outcome was not of love.

By using her tape, "Chant and Forgiveness: A Huna Odyssey," individuals can experience the process of forgiving themselves and others. "The chants bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the heart," says Farrell. Listeners are also guided through the entire process of cutting negative cords.

Another crucial application of Huna is to help an individual re-establish his or her connection to his or her Higher Self--that part of ourselves which sees us as perfection. Farrell expresses excitement over her new CD, "EnCHANTment," which is designed to bring the Higher Self down inside a person.

"The higher self is a perfect balance of the male and female energies. When you have that perfect balance, you feel a sense of inner harmony. The Higher Self must always be asked to enter. The chants on the CD ask the Higher Self to come inside. The more an individual listens to these sacred chants, the more he or she will feel the connection to his or her own energy source at the top of the head ready to come down inside."

She also incorporates the sounds of ocean-free dolphins and whales on her CD. From her experiences of swimming with dolphins, Farrell believes "they are here to teach us about Divine Love. Their vibrational sound will penetrate your cellular memory, and assist you to let go of the past," she says. "I've incorporated their sounds to help in bringing the Higher Self down."

A ten minute breathwork exercise on the CD also serves to bring down the Higher Self. "By breathing, we connect to the Higher Self," says Farrell. "The more we clear anger and fear from our past, the more our bodies become lighter and can reach the Higher Self. Then the body can heal."

When conducting a session, she endeavors to find "the very root of the deepest wound an individual has." According to Farrell, wounds vary from feeling as though one is not deserving of receiving abundance or a mate, to feeling as though one is not deserving of the right to be alive. She gives the example of having worked with one woman whose mother had died when she was eight-years-old. Somehow, this woman held herself responsible for her mother's death. In blaming herself, she had unconsciously made a decision she would die, too. As an adult, this woman had developed lung cancer which did not respond to any form of treatment."

Farrell guided the woman to let go of the blame and guilt she felt for 'causing' her mother's death. "As a result," says Farrell, "this woman's body stopped producing the chemicals that said, 'Oh my God, I've done something wrong, therefore, I'm going to give you this disease.' She started to respond to treatment and heal. Today, she is a vibrant lady."

Farrell is convinced that healing must occur at the unconscious root level in order for the body to heal. "It doesn't matter how many herbs you take or the diet you try," she says. "If you don't feel deserving of healing, you will sabotage yourself in some way. At your core, you must feel worthy and deserving."

She has her own powerful story to tell. Over a six month period, a sharp pain in her left leg led to numbness in her toes and subsequent nerve damage. X-rays revealed two herniated disks which were pushing on the sciatic nerve. Although the doctor believed she would lose the use of her leg without surgery, Farrell decided this was not an option. After her extensive training in Huna, she decided to try and heal herself the Huna way.

First, Farrell entered her unconscious mind, then began talking to it. "I started seeing my back becoming whole and the disks going back in place. I chanted and used the symbols I had learned. For two days, I did nothing but focus on healing my back." In two days, both disks went perfectly back into place on their own and to the amazement of the doctor, her surgery was canceled.

Farrell views this miraculous event as evidence that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we but answer the call. "This is when I knew teaching others the secrets of Huna was my life's work," she says. Immediately, she retired from her eight year career as a Professional Precision Stunt Car Driver.

Although the decision to leave her former career left her with no financial security, she felt as though she owned the world. "I had the power to heal myself. That was the most important thing which could be given to me. |You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, money is not going to help you."

Farrell, indeed, often counsels people who work in corporate settings. "They come to me because they feel empty," says Farrell. "They may have all of the external trappings of success but they are missing a sense of inner peace."

"My job is to go in and help a person to clear the negative cords of their past. After a clearing, people desire to expand and grow. They feel vibrant. People often tell me they smell more fragrances or notice more than they ever saw before. They see the world for all its beauty because the darkness has cleared. They also laugh more and experience greater joy, because they feel so much lighter."

"That is what enlightenment is all about," says Farrell in conclusion, "to be in the light. And to be in the light, you have to clear the darkness. That is the whole purpose of Huna, to get rid of the darkness, so you can bring down the higher level energy inside of yourself and grow and evolve."

To find out about upcoming workshops or private sessions, as well as the tape, "Chant and Forgiveness: A Huna Odyssey," or her new CD, "EnCHANTment," call Belinda Farrell at (415) 460-9709, or email: You can also visit her web site at:  


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