"Creating Mortgage Miracles!"

No challenge is too great for Amerimac EquiFirst loan consultant, Annie Saguindel. Specializing in creating "mortgage miracles" for those who think their dream is impossible, Annie applies her ten solid years of results-driven experience to consistently uncover the best possible rates and plans for those who desire to purchase a first residence, refinance, or buy investment properties.

Having excelled in accounting for eighteen years prior, mortgage lending comes easy to Annie. Possessing an extensive knowledge of rates, customized loan programs, and innovative financing options, she helps individuals, couples, and even extended families, achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.

For example:

A single mother was able to get a loan with an extraordinarily low interest rate of 6% to buy a four-plex. Even with a monthly income under $5000, the terms Annie secured enabled this single mom to not only pay for her own housing, but also provided her with an additional monthly income beyond her mortgage payments, taxes and insurance costs.

An extended family with a combined savings of $6000 was able to obtain 100% financing and purchase their dream home. In fact, having negotiated a credit with the seller, Annie was able to help them buy the home for only $2000 down!

A couple in their mid fifties, who lived with their teenage son in a one bedroom unit, was able to purchase a brand new home in a subdivision. This couple had been convinced that they couldn't qualify due to their debt load. Annie arranged for 103% financing, which enabled them to pay off their debt, plus receive the 100% financing they needed in order to make the equity work.

Annie has also helped individuals and couples save thousands of dollars. For example, she recently helped a newly retired couple save $100,000 by switching them to a different loan plan, mid term, when the rates dropped.

In addition, she has helped numerous home owners improve their cash flow by getting their rates and terms reduced in order to allow them to do home improvements or consolidate debt.

Having been voted Amerimac EquiFirst Mortgage Team Player of the Year in 1998, Annie holds a B.S degree from San Jose State University and a California Real Estate License.

"I give Annie my marks of excellence as a professional and as a caring person. My refinancing was probably more complicated than the average case and required special effort, innovative thinking and lots of patience - all in Annie's basket of creative ideas. I had given up on ever closing, but she had none to do with that, and we did close our deal with full accommodation of all my needs." - D.P.

"I want to thank you for being so thorough and helpful - you truly know the meaning of customer service!" - S.B.

No challenge is too great. If you have the desire for a property, and you are willing to make an appointment, as a service-oriented professional, Annie will do what it takes to help you achieve your goal.

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