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For Women, Entrepreunerial, & Mind-Body-Spirit Target Markets.

Drives traffic to your website and grab media attention!

Randy has created a powerful marketing tool to help you place your articles or press release online. The Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory lists 200+ resources where you can place articles online and in print magazines, and gain media exposure. This report is targeted for Business, Women, and Mind/Body/Spirit. If you serve any of these markets and are looking to get in front of lots of eyeballs, you would benefit from this report. Just one of the listings alone on this report sends articles out to a subscriber base of 600,000 members! For more about the Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory and our placement services, click here...


Randy's new book, The Power of Miracle Thinking is available!

Endorsed by 3 New York Times best selling authors!

Click to order your autographed copies now! $19.95 (plus tax + shipping).

Caroline Myss, author of the NY Times bestsellers, Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Archetypes, calls The Power of Miracle Thinking “pure inspiration and a genuine resource of hope.”

Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker, NY Times best selling author of What You Think of Me is None of My Business calls The Power of Miracle Thinking, “wonderful, inspiring, and highly empowering. From the first page to the last it is uplifting and will give the reader the faith they need to have the miracle they have been praying for.”

Marci Shimoff, who is featured in The Secret and the NY Times best selling author of Happy For No Reason, says, “Through a collection of inspiring stories and powerful tips, The Power of Miracle Thinking will set you firmly on the path of creating miracles in your life.”

  • Steven Walters was given 24 hours to live – 10 years later, he still shows no sign of leukemia
  • Katherine Revoir was a single mom on welfare – 1 year later she was a millionaire
  • A firestorm swept through Ronnie Chittum’s property – her home remained untouched
  • Speaker Kathleen Ronald is flooded with speaking requests – they come from “out of the blue”

The Power of Miracle Thinking examines the beliefs, thoughts and attitudes that people who have experienced miracles hold, as well as the actions they take that allow miracles of a major magnitude to unfold in their lives.

Want a sneak preview of Randy's new book?

Learn about the kind of Miracle Thinking Mindset you must maintain in order to create miracles of the magnitude that Steven and the others above have created. Each miracle story is followed by 3 Miracle Thinking Tips. To read more about the Power of Miracle Thinking, visit

Marketing and Publicity Writer

Specializing in Feature Articles, Bios, Press Releases, Media Kits

Entrepreneurs and Authors - Are you launching or expanding a business, product, book, service or project? Randy helps entrepreneurs and authors grab media attention through the power of the written word. You can greatly increase your visibility in the marketplace with a feature article, bio, press release, or media kit. For information on how Randy can power up your materials, visit Marketing Kits and Feature Article Services.

It's no secret - high impact text yields powerful results - and Randy Peyser cranks it. Her published interviews include bestselling authors: Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Suze Orman, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Caroline Myss, Dr. Dean Ornish, James Redfield, Dr. John Bradshaw, Masuro Emoto and many others. Check out the Directory of Articles & Interviews by Randy Peyser.


What does it take to be unstoppable?

Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power

Learn what 12 women, including Randy, did to create success - in spite of sometimes ovewhelming odds, and 1001 other excuses that would stop most people in their tracks. These inspired visionaries will teach you what you can do to live your best life! "The 12 Visionaries own their personal power - and will share with you the secret to owning yours in your personal and professional lives."


If the "crappy" is outweighing the "happy" in your life, you've got to read this book!

Empowerment has never been so much fun.

Using her signature "Comic Intervention," Randy offers outrageous wit and penetrating wisdom to help you turn your life around.

Why is it that crises multiply faster than rabbits? What do you do when you've gone splat on the pavement of life?

Crappy to Happy has sold through its entire print run and is now being made into an audio CD.

To pre-order your copy, send $16 + $1 shipping to: Randy Peyser, P. O. Box 151, Aromas, CA 95004

Another Award Winning Book!

The "Marriage of Sex and Spirit" has been voted "Best Health & Spirituality Book" in the Best Books 2006 National Book Awards This book contains more of my interviews with relationships' experts, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. John Gray, as well as interviews done by other editors with others in the field of relationships and spirituality.

To order your copy, send $24.95 + $1 shipping to:

Randy Peyser, P. O. Box 151, Aromas, CA 95004


Speaker: Don't Just Think Outside the Box...Flatten It!

& The Power of Miracle Thinking

Randy speaks for businesses, organizations, associations, and New Thought churches. In the course of her talks, she incorporates her "Comic Intervention" from her one-woman show, so expect to be entertained as you and your organization learn new ways of overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from achieving all of your goals.To hire Randy or learn more about her talks, click here...

To attend one of her upcoming events, click here for her schedule.


Randy is also a silk artist!

Check out Randy's whimsical handpainted silk!


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